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Association seeks to dispel demo myths.

* The National Demolition Association, Doylestown, Pa., has released a new brochure that attempts to answer questions and dispel myths about the demolition industry.

Demolition professionals are often faced with misconceptions about the work they do, according to the association. The brochure attempts to address questions contractors face from "Do demolition contractors primarily implode or 'blow up' buildings?" to "Do they recycle materials or deliver everything to landfills?"

The full color, 16-page brochure "10 Common Misconceptions About the Demolition Industry," addresses other misconceptions, including:

* Demolition specialists destroy many structures that should be saved.

* Contractors overcrowd landfills.

* Demolition is a dangerous business.

* Demolition is simply a matter of knocking down buildings.

The list of misunderstandings was compiled from a survey of professionals in the industry who encounter a frustrating lack of knowledge about their industry on the part of the public, and even some government regulators.

More information can be found at the association's Web site at

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Publication:Construction & Demolition Recycling
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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