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Association for Enterprise Integration. (Affiliates)).

The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) is a rapidly growing organization that focuses on the challenges, opportunities and benefits associated with enterprise integration and net-centric operations. The building blocks of enterprises today are people, process, technology and information. Each of these is a critical component in achieving effective net-centric enterprises that leverage the power of technology to establish and sustain their operations in a networked economy.

Our Value

Companies and individuals join AFEI to:

* Benefit from the networking opportunities with other companies and our government participants.

* Learn about technologies, products and methods that can enhance their own organizational performance.

* Stay abreast of developments in policy, programs and initiatives that will impact their markets and business relationships.

The Value of Information

Information is a valuable enterprise asset. But when information is shared, it creates great power and even greater benefit. The internet's reach and speed has transformed business. Today, this technology is transforming government. The "Information Age" has radically altered information economics, created new opportunities for innovation and has empowered non-traditional enemies. Industry leads in the development and exploitation of information technology.

What is Enterprise Integration?

Enterprise integration is, at its core, the use of information across any activity to enhance the knowledge and decisions of that activity to streamline operations and create more effective actions. Enterprise integration must deal with culture and process, concepts of operations, the development of common information languages, enterprise architectures and the application of technology to achieve results. It is the application of technology to break down stovepipes, share information, improve decision processes and create opportunity.

The AFEI Mission and Goals

The AFEI mission is to:

* Provide collaboration opportunities between AFEI members and government on a neutral and open basis.

* Represent government non-partisan and objective industry positions and advice on net-centric enterprise issues through forums, working groups and committees.

* Create opportunities for learning and networking through conferences and symposia deliberately designed to bring previously unconnected communities with common issues together to develop synergy and shared experiences.

The goals of the association are to promote the network-enabled and information-sharing enterprise through the development and evolution of its:

People. Manage culture and change--the most difficult and important of all.

Process. Streamline and transform not just methods but how we think about our problems.

Technology. Connect systems of systems through interoperable standards and architectures.

Information. Promote information integration through techniques such as a common language of business, semantic interoperability and standardization.

AFEI also seeks to engage government and industry in collaborations which educate and enable change.


Enterprise Integration Expo

Sept. 21-23, 2004

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Calif.


Net-Centric Operations Conference

May 10-11, 2005

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C.


AFEI currently serves as the lead association for the Net-Centric Operations Industry Forum and the International Collaborative Identity Management Forum.

Net-Centric Operations Industry Forum was formed in July 2003 in cooperation with NDIA divisions. The NCOIF is open to participation by any with legitimate interest in working on net-centric operations issues. The Forum Chairman is Dr. Jacques Gansler, University of Maryland. The Forum is supporting OSD and DISA in the area of architectures, GIG Enterprise Services and the NCES Program. Discussions are also taking place with Joint Forces Command, Navy Network Warfare Command and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command regarding industry support for Joint Task force Architecture and FORCEnet CONOPS and roadmap.

International Collaborative Identity Management Forum was formed in May of this year, the CIDM Forum will educate, assess and advise on CIDM policy, process and technology issues including strong identity management, data segregation management, PKI/PKE implementation, cross-certification and commercial CA bridges.


AFEI has an international affiliate, AFEI Belgium, that aims to integrate the Belgian Government & Industry in the AFEI community in order to evolve to and to achieve the Integrated Society. The goals of AFEI Belgium are to:

Promote global partnering.

Provide forums for exchange of world-class practices achieving cultural change, business efficiency and competitiveness.

Build on industry best practices.

Sponsor events to define and aide the government's intention to achieve electronic commerce & electronic administration.

Influence policy decisions in the best interest of the AFEI membership.

AFEI has a long history of collaborative efforts in Europe and Asia is engaging the broad international community in cooperation with NDIA.


Membership is open to corporate, non-profit and individual members. Members must be from U.S. Department of State approved nations. AFEI membership represents diverse organizations, from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations. For a complete list of AFEI corporate members, please visit our website:

Board of Directors

The AFEI Board of Directors sets the strategy and vision for AFEI and provides governance of its affairs. AFEI annually elects directors from corporate organizations or individual members. For a complete list of the Board of Directors, please visit


Dave Chesebrough


(703) 247-2597

Nicole Peterson

Director, Meetings and Finance

(703) 247-9474

Betsy Lauer

Director, Business Development

(703) 247-9473
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