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At a recent meeting of the DANB Board of Directors in Chicago, ADAA President Kristy S. Borquez met with DANB directors from ADAA: Past President Judith Andrews, CDA, RDA, FADAA; Brenda Fell, CDA; and Past President Carla Schneider, CDA, RDA.

Amy Reed receives a certificate of appreciation from Immediate Past President Kay Mosley in thanks for her work in revitalizing the Colorado Dental Assistants Association.

President Kristy S. Borquez was a recent guest at the meeting of the National Dental Association in Southern California. She is seen here with Joy A. Jordon, DDS, President of the NDA.

First Time Winner: Colette Jesikiewicz, CDPMA from Pennsylvania attended her first ADAA Annual Conference in Anaheim and went home with the plaque for her local for winning the Colgate Community Award. Northeastern Pennsylvania DAS participated in several community programs leading up to this recognition. Colette is shown here with Second District Trustee Sarah Gresko, CDA, RDA and Immediate Past President Kay Mosley, CDA.

It's a Mystery: Once again, the ADAA Foundation presented a mystery play fund-raiser during the Annual Conference and this year it was a wedding featuring entertainment by the Village People, a.k.a. Ed Wonder, SGM Steve Spadaro (ADAA's Military Trustee) and two other funmakers in costume.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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