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Associated Upgrades Georgia Facility.

Cartersville, GA--Work has begun on a major upgrade to the Georgia Freezers facility in Cartersville, which was recently purchased by Associated Freezers of Toronto. The Cartersville facility is one of three Georgia Freezer facilities purchased by Associated. Bonar Engineering of Jacksonville, Fl is designing the mechanical improvements to the refrigeration system, and Hench Control Corp. of San Jose, CA is supplying an energy saving control system for the Cartersville facility.

Two Hench Blast Freezer Controllers will be used to control their ten blast freezers. One of the energy saving features of the Blast Freezer Controller allows the operator to intermittently cool the product at the end of the blast cycle. This feature saves on fan energy use, without affecting the time required to remove product heat. It also terminates the blast cycle when the process is over. All together, the Cartersville facility will be using seven of the Hench modular controllers. The first controller was controlling evaporators two weeks after the order was placed. The final controller was delivered after four weeks, and was controlling two weeks later.
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Title Annotation:Associated Freezers of Toronto
Comment:Associated Upgrades Georgia Facility.(Associated Freezers of Toronto)
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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