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Associated Content Inc.

SNAPSHOT: Associated Content, founded in 2005, is the largest publishing platform on the Internet that pays people based on how popular and valuable their contributions are. It attracts nearly 30 million monthly visitors and has 360,000 contributors.


LEADERSHIP: Patrick Keane took over as CEO of the Denver-based company in 2009.

WORK FORCE: The company employs 55 full-time equivalent employees and expects to reach 74 this year.

COMPETIVE EDGE: Associated Content, the "people's media company," is powered by a proprietary semantic analysis tool that can determine the value of a piece of content based on a multivariate analysis and then can manage that piece of content through its life cycle.

INNOVATION: Associated Content is built atop two main pillars: algorithmic content evaluation and the community powered by it, the company says. It developed a system that can read an article and determine the value based on more than 20 signals. The system analyzes each submission to and ensures that each of the more than 2 million pieces of content on the site is profitable. Another system allows the company to target article assignments to the individuals best able to create those pieces.

GROWTH: Last year, the company became one of the 50 most visited websites in the United States.

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