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Assisi 2002 world prayer for peace. (Vatican).

Rome--"In a situation made dramatic by the always present threat of terrorism, we feel the need to cry out to God.... to implore God for the gift of mutual understanding, harmony and peace" (John Paul II, Nov. 18, 2001).

Assisi, birthplace of Francis, the saint who prayed to be made "a channel" of God's peace, will once more host a prayer summit for leaders of the world's religions. Pope John Paul II has convoked an international meeting for January 24, 2002, to pray for peace and for the alleviation of the suffering of thousands of innocents affected by conflicts throughout the world.

The first Assisi prayer summit took place on October 27, 1986, and was attended by Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Native Americans, and the Dalai Lama as well as by Christians of all denominations. Christians, including Catholics, were balanced in numbers with non-Christians at the event.

Muslim and Jewish leaders in Italy have already responded positively to the Pope's invitation and a spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed interest. At the previous Assisi gathering, adherents of each religion assembled in separate locations to pray at the same time as the others, but according to their own faith traditions. At that time, the Pope made an appeal to those involved in conflict throughout the world to lay down their arms for a 24-hour truce on October 27, and this was honoured by many combatants.
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