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Assessment delivery.

GTCO CalComp has released Version 3.2 of the InterWrite PRS Software that powers its classroom response system, InterWrite PRS. The upgraded software expands instructors' options for developing and delivering questions and lessons using PRS. A new mode allows students to answer PRS questions at their own pace. Those using the Macintosh operating system can now create and deliver questions in PowerPoint with an add-in module. Another add-in aims to simplify class roster management for educators using Blackboard Learning Systems by enabling students to register their transmitters when they log into their Blackboard class site. Updates are free to existing users and can be downloaded at: www.gtcocalcomp. com/supportprs.htm. The cost for new education users is $1,466 for a receiver box and 32 PRS transmitters. Customers can receive free online training for InterWrite PRS from online video tutorials or live online training sessions.

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Title Annotation:What's New: Looking for higher-education and technology products and services?
Author:Varughese, Julie A.
Publication:University Business
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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