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Assessment Placement: A Design for Student Success and Institutional Planning for the 1980's. Management Report, 1983-3/4.

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The model for student assessment and placement described in this report was developed by the Learning Assessment Retention Consortium (LARC), a year-old network of 17 northern California colleges organized to examine problems related to assessment and to implement specific action plans. The report begins by citing statistics on the increasing numbers of underprepared students in community colleges to explain the growing importance of assessment and placement services in college planning. After providing information on the establishment of LARC and a sample of its activities (e.g., faculty workshops, research efforts, and publication programs), the report identifies strategic questions for college planning; looks at the objectives of assessment according to the LARC model; identifies assessment, advisement, placement, and follow-up as the four components in LARC's comprehensive system; and discusses their interrelationships. Next, various types of assessment/placement systems are briefly described and the guidelines established for the development of the LARC model are set forth. Finally, the report addresses questions related to system costs and faculty participation. A list of LARC member institutions and a cost-analysis of Sacramento City College's Assessment Center are appended. (LL)

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Author:Bray, Dorothy
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1983
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