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Assessing Teachers' of Religion in U.S. Post Secondary Education.

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Assessing Teachers' of Religion in U.S. Post Secondary Education is a review of religion's various meanings, how it is taught, where it is taught and how it is evaluated on the post secondary campuses of the United States. Kollar reports the results of a National Survey of chairs and directors of all the schools, departments, and programs of Religion, Religious Studies, and/or Theology who are members of the American Academy of Religion, College Theology Society, or Association of Theological Schools. These are the professional organizations of those teaching religion in public and private secondary education. The survey is not only a report as to the state of teaching about religion on campuses but also a snapshot of how all faculty teach and are evaluated on U.S. campuses. He follows the summary of the survey's results with a presentation of vital issues associated with assessment in general as well as in the particular area of teaching about religion. The appendix provides the various methods, and their critique, that may be used in assessment processes. The appendix also provides the results of the surveys in table form.

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Author:Kollar, Nathan R.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Oct 22, 2005
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