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Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA).

ATAA was co-founded by the American Turkish Association of Washington and the Maryland American Turkish Association in an effort to create a national organization representing the Turkish American community.

The first meeting of the ATAA General Assembly was held in May of 1980 in Washington. Delegates from 26 organizations participated and created a coordination committee to write the constitution and bylaws. The bylaws of ATAA were ratified on November 16, 1980 and the first board of ATAA was elected.

From this nucleus, the Assembly has grown into an organization that represents 62 Turkish American organizations in the United States, Canada and Turkey.

Today, the Assembly is an influential and fast growing civic organization that pursues the interests of Turkish Americans and friends of Turkey in Washington and beyond, as well as contributes to the strengthening of relations between the United States and Turkey.

A growing base of individual ATAA members support the work of the Assembly through dues and donations. Financial assistance to the operations of ATAA is also granted from the ATAA Endowment Fund, established to secure the long-term growth of the organization.

To fulfill its mission and objectives, ATAA undertakes a number of activities, such as educational seminars for Turkish American communities on grassroots advocacy and civic leadership; conferences on contemporary political, social and economic issues related to Turkey and U.S. Turkish relations; and cultural events to promote Turkey's rich traditions, art and heritage.

Working as an information clearinghouse, ATAA regularly publishes reference material on issues that concern the Turkish American community. The Assembly is also the publisher of a quarterly magazine, The Turkish American.

ATAA hosts one of the most dynamic websites on Turkey and maintains and extensive e-mail communication network.

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Address: 1526 18th St, NW, Washington, DC 20036 USA

Tel: +1. (202) 483-9090 * Fax: +1. (202) 483-9092


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