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The Printed Circuit Buyer's Resource Center (PCBRC) is the industry's most comprehensive resource for those individuals responsible for specifying or purchasing PCB Design, printed circuit boards and PCB Assemblies.

By using PCBRC's extensive resources, these individuals gain a better understanding of the processes, materials and business conditions which affect the quality, delivery and price of a printed circuit board.

PCBRC is an indispensable online resource that will support an evermore efficient and effective purchasing process.

Inside you'll find:

"Ask an Expert" A feature that allows you to connect to the industry's leading PCB technology experts.

"Industry News" The latest news information and general industry conditions.

"Find a Supplier" Search our database of PCB Fabricators & EMS companies to find a supplier to fit your manufacturing needs.

"Market Trends" Use our latest market data from leading industry experts to follow trends and see where the industry is headed.

"Buyer's Tools" Use our helpful utilities tools and links.

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Title Annotation:Special Advertising Section
Publication:Circuits Assembly
Article Type:Advertisement
Date:Sep 1, 2005
Previous Article:Guidelines for Pb-free hand soldering: how to grapple with material, board and component preparation.
Next Article:Why a 2-D soldering pass won't (usually) improve hole-fill: optimized thermal design lies in board layout and placement.

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