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Call of Duty: Mobile: Heres how to get Rare Anniversary Skin for M4 assault rifle for free. Oct 21, 2020 580
Makati-PNP receives P93.4-million worth of crime-fighting equipment from city gov't. Oct 19, 2020 268
Cocaine dealer had bullets for an assault rifle in car; ammunition FOUND IN GLOVE BOX. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Sep 24, 2020 449
GHOST GUNS: Under federal law, a license is not required to make a firearm for your personal use. Wood, Keith Sep 10, 2020 596
Casten calls for ban on assault weapons, stronger gun control. Russell Lissau Aug 29, 2020 541
Casten calls for ban on assault weapons, stronger gun control laws. Russell Lissau Aug 29, 2020 553
Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse said "I just killed somebody" after two murdered; The 17-year-old was arrested in Illinois following the killing of two protesters in Wisconsin with a military-style semi-automatic rifle as a third fights for life in hospital. He's now been charged with six offences. By, Brendan McDermid & Sam Elliott Aug 28, 2020 557
Teenage girl shoots dead Taliban fighters who killed her parents in Afghanistan; Qamar Gul, who is thought to be between 14 and 16-years-old, used an AK-47 assault rifle to kill two Taliban fighters and wound several others in the Ghor province. By, Milo Boyd Jul 22, 2020 226
TSA Officers Uncover Assault Rifle Hidden in Suitcase. Jul 22, 2020 276
TSA Officers Uncover Assault Rifle Hidden in Suitcase. Jul 22, 2020 276
Welsh police officers take part in pan-European crime crackdown. JASON EVANS Reporter Jul 4, 2020 738
Gangs busted after cops hack criminals' messaging service. jason evans Reporter Jul 3, 2020 739
THE SIG 550: The World's Best 5.56*45mm Rifle. Thompson, Leroy Jul 1, 2020 2747
Rangers seize guns, snares and chainsaws in north Cardamoms. Apr 14, 2020 409
Virginia lawmakers reject proposed assault weapon ban. Alan Suderman Associated Press Feb 18, 2020 506
Defense Expo: India shows off military might to the world. Compiled by Balaram Menon Feb 6, 2020 853
Ex-Bohol town mayor arrested for unlicensed assault rifle. Jan 15, 2020 214
Donald Trump Jr. dodges fire after posing with crusader symbol assault rifle. Arab News Jan 8, 2020 416
New Zealanders hand in 50,000 guns after assault weapon ban. Dec 21, 2019 423
AK-47 FOUND IN PUB AS COPS GO TO WAR ON CITY GANGSTERS; Specialist police team has seen shootings halved. STEPHANIE BALLOO Staff Reporter Dec 15, 2019 504
Cops seize weapons haul bound for Ulster; Assault rifle among 24 guns & ammo found during search. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Nov 18, 2019 233
West Point Cadet Missing Along With An M4 Assault Rifle. Kevin Billings Oct 21, 2019 287
2019 Military Rifle Market Analysis - Forecast to 2028. Oct 16, 2019 857
TRINIDAD-CRIME-Police Commissioner appeals to lawmakers to revisit Bail Amendment Bill. Sep 27, 2019 556
Ice hockey club begin awarding AK-47 assault rifle to the man of the match; Izhstal will hand the locally-made gun to their best player from the previous home match, who will keep it for personal use. Sep 13, 2019 257
Solutions to shootings are not that clear. Sep 9, 2019 304
Walmart will stop selling handgun, assault rifle bullets Bullets: Walmart has phased out gun sales over several years. Abha Bhattarai The Washington Post Sep 4, 2019 903
New Zealand gun buyback exposes emotions, hustlers. Sep 4, 2019 1073
New Zealand gun buyback exposes emotions, possibly hustlers. Sep 3, 2019 1096
Appeals court upholds ban on assault weapons. Aug 30, 2019 416
CEO McMillon Calls for Reconsidering Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Massey, Kyle Aug 19, 2019 453
Banning assault weapons works. Aug 13, 2019 991
Your reflections on dealing with mass violence. Aug 12, 2019 2073
Biden: We Have to Get These Weapons of War off Our Streets. Aug 12, 2019 527
Florida Man Had 'Live' Hand Grenade During Traffic Stop. Aug 12, 2019 178
Heading to El Paso, Trump nixes assault weapons ban. Aug 7, 2019 856
THE BERETTA AR70 SPORT SEMI-AUTO RIFLE. Thompson, Leroy Jul 1, 2019 2209
Military-technical co-op with Russia developing. Jun 27, 2019 338
Azerbaijan continues to develop military-technical co-op with Russia. Jun 26, 2019 257
Help Ban Assault Weapons. Jun 19, 2019 627
Guns, bullets seized from Abra candidate's campaign vehicle. Apr 28, 2019 439
4 years for man who tried to sell assault rifle in Rosemont. Apr 25, 2019 163
REMEMBER 94. Wood, Keith Apr 17, 2019 666
Troops to get modified version of AK-203 assault rifle for counter-insurgency operations in J-K. Apr 7, 2019 338
New Zealand acts decisively on assault weapons. Mar 27, 2019 570
New Zealand bans automatic rifles. Mar 22, 2019 319
New Zealand bans assault weapons less than a week after massacre. Mar 22, 2019 235
New Zealand to ban military-style semi-automatic guns. Mar 22, 2019 330
New Zealand bans assault weapons. Mar 22, 2019 297
New Zealand Bans All Military Style Weapons. Mar 21, 2019 633
New Zealand bans all weapons after mosque shootings. Mar 21, 2019 148
New Zealand bans all semi-automatic weapons used in Christchurch mosque attack; Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that military style semi-automatics and assault rifles will be banned under new gun laws. Mar 21, 2019 215
Alleged local drug ring leader, 4 others killed in Negros Occ. drug ops. Mar 18, 2019 505
Evil attack on innocents; MOSQUES MASSACRE: LEADERS UNITE OVER HORROR; Higgins offers sympathy from Ireland after slaughter; Hate-filled killer scrawled on mass-murder assault rifle; Pressure on social media over violent far-right content. Mar 16, 2019 1174
AK-203 assault rifle to enhance soldiers' combat capabilities in counter-terrorism operations: Sitharaman. Mar 9, 2019 578
Kalashnikov type-assault rifle seized in off-road car in Remada. Mar 9, 2019 160
Davao Oriental town councilor nabbed for guns, drugs. Mar 7, 2019 211
AK rifle plant will become another symbol of friendship between India,Russia: Putin. Mar 3, 2019 468
Tourists furious after man with 'assault rifle' turns out to be entertainer with prop; EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Cook holidaymakers on Fuerteventura in the Canaries, were later told it was a children's entertainer -- wearing a wig and carrying a gun prop for a hunting skit. Feb 23, 2019 256
State Sen. Paul Schimpf Week in Review (Jan. 28-Feb. 1). Feb 5, 2019 486
Brothers jailed after haul of drugs and guns found in flat; A FOURTH MAN WHO WAS ALSO ARRESTED IS BELIEVED TO HAVE FLED ABROAD, SAY POLICE. Dec 17, 2018 445
Rosemont police arrest gang member accused of trying to sell assault rifle. Nov 17, 2018 285
'Fortnite' Update Adds New Heavy Assault Rifle. Nov 6, 2018 549
Candidate urges gun control after Pittsburgh shootings. Nov 1, 2018 594
Assault rifle was 'used by terrorists in attack on police'. Oct 24, 2018 483
Police to replace SMGs with pistols. Sep 23, 2018 311
From Gun Kits To 3D Printable Guns, A Short History Of Rogue Gun Makers. Aug 2, 2018 1055
Grewal, Texas 3-D gun company, exchange lawsuits. Jul 31, 2018 326
3-D guns? Not in NJ, lawmakers say. Munoz, Daniel J. Brief article Jul 27, 2018 208
China goes sci-fi with flesh-burning laser assault rifle. Jul 3, 2018 343
Arrest after assault weapons found in car. Jun 23, 2018 113
Gun, and parental, control. Jun 4, 2018 1959
Raheem Sterling's girlfriend Paige Milian responds to critics after England star's gun tattoo storm; Wing ace Sterling was revealed to have got an M16 assault rifle inked onto his right leg while training with the England. May 29, 2018 379
FA show support for Raheem Sterling after England star receives criticism over gun tattoo; Sterling showed off his new ink of an M16 assault rifle during a Three Lions training session on Monday. May 29, 2018 307
Demand Congress ban assault weapons. May 24, 2018 211
Weapons shooter used complicate gun debate. May 21, 2018 530
Botched assassination bid: 'Jammed rifle saved officers'. Travel narrative May 13, 2018 526
Three men held over guns haul; UK BULLETINS. May 11, 2018 131
THE FALSE-FLAG DRIVE TOWARD REGISTRATION, CONFISCATION: What the heck is Donald Trump up to? Suprynowicz, Vin May 10, 2018 3330
Georgia candidate aims gun at teen in campaign ad. 'Get over it,' he tells critics. May 3, 2018 949
Mundelein man accused of stealing assault rifle. Hacker, By Christopher May 1, 2018 150
SMALL ARMS. Lee, Connie May 1, 2018 606
Gun groups file lawsuit over Deerfield's new ban. Apr 6, 2018 676
Elect candidates who will act on guns. Mar 19, 2018 1818
Two plead guilty to reduced charges in assault rifle shooting in Barrington. Mar 16, 2018 378
GOP unmoved by mass shootings. Mar 10, 2018 1227
Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers. Mar 4, 2018 405
In guns we trust. Mar 3, 2018 1108
Dicks Sporting Goods to stop selling assault weapons. Feb 28, 2018 468
America's Last, Best Hope For Gun Reform. Feb 26, 2018 919
Experts Note More Mental Hospitals Will Not Stop US Shooting Massacres. Feb 26, 2018 774
Yemen must save itself from ruinous gun culture. Feb 26, 2018 953
14th House candidates talk guns. Feb 23, 2018 587
14th Democratic hopefuls talk guns. Feb 23, 2018 587
Democratic hopefuls talk guns. Feb 23, 2018 543
Florida school survivors push lawmakers for assault gun ban. Feb 21, 2018 786
America's great shame, horror of mass shooting. Feb 21, 2018 765
Teen gets 5yrs for assault rifle hidden in his bedroom. Feb 1, 2018 149
Teenager found with a working assault rifle in his bedroom; home bargains worker claimed he found gun in park. Jan 31, 2018 598
Virginia Tech Student Had Assault Rifle, Ordered 5,000 Rounds Of Ammunition. Jan 31, 2018 561
Experts inspect guns turned in during amnesty. Jan 20, 2018 459
Horrifying moment tourist kills endangered bear with a machine gun "out of curiosity"; WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGES: The footage shows the Chinese man pointing an assault rifle at the caged Asian black bear before killing it with a single shot to the head. Dec 30, 2017 428
Face of embassy girl's killer; Smirking taxi driver shows off assault rifle in first photo. Dec 26, 2017 171
STANDING THEIR GROUND: Florida is tough terrain for gun control, but local activists keep trying. Hackett, David Dec 1, 2017 1225
AK47 among gun haul surrendered to police. Nov 30, 2017 696
Hundreds of reasons our streets are safer... Nov 30, 2017 615
Lanao Lake yields Maute assault weapons. Nov 13, 2017 152
Assault weapons outlawed in Pakistan. Nov 13, 2017 315
Trump: Guns not to blame for 26 dead; CHURCH MASSACRE IS DUE TO MENTAL ILLNESS, SAYS PRESIDENT Family feud killer 'deranged' Luckily another shooter hit him. Nov 7, 2017 725
Trump: Guns not to blame for 26 dead; 'Family feud killer' deranged, he says And luckily other shooter stopped him. Nov 7, 2017 708
Trump: Guns not to blame for 26 dead; 'Family feud killer' deranged, he says; And luckily other shooter stopped him. Nov 7, 2017 723
Hultgren's opposition to assault weapons. Oct 23, 2017 260
Police: Suspect had an arsenal. Oct 21, 2017 361
Pakistan premier vows to rid country of assault weapons. Oct 19, 2017 674
THE PISTOL-CALIBER CARBINES AND THE CMMG GUARD: The CMMG is a great choice for those contemplating a pistol-caliber carbine! Grant, James Oct 10, 2017 2926
Disunited states of American gun control. Oct 10, 2017 962
America must give up guns for more security. Oct 8, 2017 825
Sen. Reid and Gov. Sandoval Helped Block Gun Control In Nevada. Oct 2, 2017 886
Kalashnikov statue unveiled. Sep 20, 2017 108
Israel's Weapons of the Future: Unmanned Tanks and Mini-Submarines. Sep 6, 2017 858
Cops begin ballistic tests on mayor's guns. Jul 16, 2017 372
Letters. Letter to the editor Jul 15, 2017 1160
Iran to Unveil New Models of Zolfaqar Assault Rifle Soon. Jul 5, 2017 376
Why did a conservative judge uphold an assault weapons ban? Root, Damon Jul 1, 2017 439
Assault rifle prevented guard from stopping Resorts World gunman. Jun 14, 2017 648
Man Arrested At Trump Hotel In DC Carried Assault Rifle, Ammunitions. Jun 2, 2017 719
Police alerted to cat sitting in tree with 'assault rifle'. Apr 29, 2017 190
Savage MSR-15 recon: value is always in style. Hunnicutt, Robert W. Apr 1, 2017 2670
Gendering the Second Amendment. Carlson, Jennifer; Goss, Kristin A. Mar 22, 2017 12407
Century arms AK47s: born in Russia, made in the USA: part 1. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 1, 2017 3709
Industry counters massachusetts AG's "enforcement notice". Molde, Jade Dec 1, 2016 467
Assault weapons ban support at lowest level ever. Brief article Nov 21, 2016 300
PH makes better assault rifles. Nov 3, 2016 636
Assault rifle found. Nov 3, 2016 151
Drug suspect yields SAF 44 assault rifle. Oct 27, 2016 500
Faith in gun bans: magical thinking. Knox, Jeff Sep 10, 2016 876
Thieves steal laser guns; NEWS WIRE. Sep 1, 2016 109
Army assault rifle stolen. Aug 12, 2016 112
Small arms of the German World War II-era Fallschirmjager: part 3. Kokalis, Peter G. Aug 10, 2016 6440
Iran Imports AK-103 Assault Rifles from Russia. Aug 6, 2016 244
Psychiatry has been lassoed by the gun debate. Miller, Dinah Jul 1, 2016 1177
Sig Sauer Was Rescued By Guns Like Omar Mateen's. Jun 27, 2016 1427
Trump 'hitman' was obsessed with guns ...and Robot Wars; LAD IN DOCK AFTER TERROR AT RALLY IN US; His room had camouflage wallpaper and imitation rifles; Worried dad contacted US officials over Aspergers fears. Jun 22, 2016 895
Trump 'hitman' Brit obsessed with guns ...and Robot Wars; LAD IN DOCK AFTER TERROR AT RALLY IN US; His room had camouflage wallpaper and imitation rifles; Worried dad contacted US officials over Aspergers fears. Jun 22, 2016 896
Trump 'hitman' Brit obsessed with guns ..and Robot Wars; ASSASSINATION MAN IN VEGAS COURT ON TERROR CHARGES His room was filled with militaria, but family insist 20-year-old wouldn't hurt a fly. Jun 22, 2016 802
'We don't call 911'. Jun 20, 2016 681
The Dirty Business Of Assault Weapons Advertising. Jun 17, 2016 942
Expanded Market of the Guns Produced by Firm behind Orlando Shooter's Weapon. Jun 16, 2016 382
America's Favorite Assault Rifle. Jun 14, 2016 1166
LIVE: Authorities Seek Answers As Nation Mourns. Jun 13, 2016 2228
Trump says gun control is heartless. May 21, 2016 125
Northumberland road sign left riddled with mysterious 'bullet holes'; Former marine Matt Seiber found 16 bullet holes in a road sign near Riding Mill, which he claims were caused by an AK47 assault rifle. May 8, 2016 402
Kalashnikov Eyes Domestic Civilian Market. Apr 4, 2016 322
Whitmire: Assault Rifle Used in Office Shooting. Mar 10, 2016 419
Some Inconvenient Gun Facts For Liberals. Jan 20, 2016 813
Terrorists with assault weapons rewrite the script in US. Dec 28, 2015 764
US Supreme Court rejects challenge to assault weapon ban. Dec 7, 2015 709
Better regulation of assault weapons is necessary. Dec 5, 2015 796
New Way To Tackle Gun Deaths. Oct 7, 2015 872
Obama ramping up the rhetoric: on gun control: no one who has listened to Barack Obama likely has any doubt about the fact that he is anti-gun, but many likely don't realize the depth of his anti-gun sentiments and activity. Adelmann, Bob Oct 5, 2015 2541
Heavy weapons gunnery: in an airborne/air assault weapons company. Herger, John M. Oct 1, 2015 2689
Assault rifle couldn't be fired, Mad Dog jury told. Jun 19, 2015 199
GUN GIRL; She fired her first shot aged 4... now at 10 she lobbies to keep firearms legal for kids. Apr 5, 2015 696
New York's not so "SAFE" Act: the Second Amendment in an 'Alice in Wonderland' world where words have no meaning. Halbrook, Stephen P. Dec 22, 2014 13019
Deaths renew calls for lookalike gun rules. Sewell, Dan; Gillispie, Mark Dec 8, 2014 539
SUSPECTS HELD AFTER TERROR CRACKDOWN; Four arrested and AK assault rifle seized as cops move on dissidents. Nov 22, 2014 415
i will kill you; Wild U.S. riot cop's assault rifle threat to protest crowd. Aug 22, 2014 406
Arizona medical researcher arrested after taking a loaded assault rifle into Phoenix Airport. Aug 5, 2014 441
How New York lost: Res Troy's Pump Action Rifle is a NY/CA-compliant alternative to the "evil" AR. Nance, Richard Jul 1, 2014 2441
UVF SERIAL KILLER LINK TO RUC UNIT; Assault rifle used in murders. Jun 16, 2014 595
AK74 James River armory AK74: born in bussia, refined in America: you probably know James River from its superb U.S. martial arms, but now they've taken on the kalashnikov, and kokalis likes the results. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 1, 2014 6180
Police find assault rifle in Freeland Terrace raid. Reis, Jacqueline Mar 22, 2014 212
Armed and polite. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Mar 14, 2014 125
Connecticut gun owners fail to register; officials push "amnesty". Feb 17, 2014 362
Blame crosses US Mexico border: while Mexican officials take US to task for guns going south, others point to indigenous factors fueling hyper-violence. Schaeffer-duffy, Claire Feb 14, 2014 1927
Sensible gun control. Jan 2, 2014 610
Kalashnikov assault rifle designer dies aged 94. Dec 23, 2013 233
The assault weapons ban - politics, the Second Amendment, and the country's continued willingness to sacrifice innocent lives for "freedom'. Phelan, John J., IV Dec 22, 2013 17976
Gun buyback program nets assault rifle, Glock. Reis, Jacqueline Dec 15, 2013 297
DEATH FOR SALE; One year on from the Sandy Hook school massacre, we buy this deadly SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE minutes from where 26 children and teachers were gunned down...SUNDAY Mirror INVESTIGATES; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 15, 2013 1270
death for SALE; One year on from the Sandy Hook school massacre, we buy this deadly SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE minutes from where 26 children and teachers were gunned down... investigates. Dec 15, 2013 1272
Hold your fire. Ross, Frank L. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 384
From Arisaka to assault rifle: in Part 1 (10/1 issue), Scarlata detailed Japanese rifle ammo from the 1850s through the Murata. This time, he covers rifle cartridges from the Arisaka to the present day. Scarlata, Paul Nov 1, 2013 1531
Fake guns and real idiots. Sep 20, 2013 621
Pleas for gun control; Victim's mother talks at hearing. Monahan, John J. Sep 14, 2013 1007
State-level statists. Suprynowicz, Vin Jul 10, 2013 1461
U.S. firearms industry today: history repeats itself with dramatic growth, major battles. Thurman, Russ Jul 1, 2013 5050
Not just bullets: ammunition and ammunition feeding facts. Venturino, Mike Jul 1, 2013 926
An endless befuddlement. Suprynowicz, Yin May 10, 2013 1206
Cop Fired 8 Times: Opa-Locka, Fla. Police Officials Propose Firing Sgt. German Bosque Over AR-15 Assault Rifle Scandal. May 3, 2013 349
Assault weapons needed? Posavac, Emil Letter to the editor May 1, 2013 869
Russian Military May Soon Adopt New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle. Apr 30, 2013 305
Senate Rejects Assault Weapons Ban, 40 To 60. Apr 17, 2013 154
Reid To Vote For Assault Weapons Ban Amendment. Apr 17, 2013 317
Assaulting gun owners and freedoms. Hoar, William P. Apr 1, 2013 2012
Fool me once ... Cramer, Clayton E. Apr 1, 2013 1682
Big iron: the new HK45 tactical is a well-built, suppressor ready .45 ACP. Tarr, James Apr 1, 2013 1940
Syrian Civil War: 8-Year-Old Child Wields Assault Rifle and Smokes Cigarettes. Mar 30, 2013 435
Mark Kelly Buys Assault Rifle, Purchase Of AR-15 Rifle Blocked By Arizona Gun Shop For Gabrielle Giffords' Former Husband. Mar 26, 2013 617
Blame spineless Congress. Mar 22, 2013 631
The Best Amendment Explores Gun Violence From Both Sides. Mar 19, 2013 986
Gun Control Debate: Reform Appears Doomed In Congress But States Make Progress. Mar 19, 2013 1090
Man fends off kidnappers with assault rifle in Bekaa Valley. Mar 15, 2013 323
Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Assault Weapons Ban 10-8. Mar 14, 2013 192
Grappling with the gun issue. Griffin, Jonathan Mar 1, 2013 482
'Ban assault weapons for my Jesse'. Feb 28, 2013 369
Assault Weapons Ban: Feinstein Bill Exempts 2,220 Guns; Critics Complain List Is Arbitrary. Feb 18, 2013 631
Three (well, they were) inexpensive AKs: three months ago, you would have been able to get these Kalashnikovs on the cheap Now, they're just cheaper than other rifles in the rack. Fortier, David Feb 10, 2013 2934
School Committee urges Congress to act on guns. Feb 8, 2013 580
School Committee to take up gun issue; Proposal calls for assault weapons ban. Feb 6, 2013 476
Obama renews campaign for assault weapons ban. Feb 5, 2013 340
Assault Weapons Ban Useless, Won't Stop School Shootings, Expert Says. Feb 5, 2013 727
States take up gun legislation. Perez-Lozano, Eloisa Feb 1, 2013 571
APHA calls for renewing federal assault weapons ban. Tucker, Charlotte Feb 1, 2013 204
Federal Assault Weapons Ban: legal issues. Chu, Vivian S. Feb 1, 2013 8382
The Evening Brief: Jan. 30, 2013. Jan 30, 2013 698
Was Newtown Parent, Neil Heslin, Heckled At Assault Weapons Hearing? News Outlets Exaggerate Disagreement During Meeting [VIDEO]. Jan 29, 2013 322
The gun debate: December's tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, is prompting a new look at the nation's gun laws. Smith, Patricia Cover story Jan 28, 2013 1510
We can't stop the killings unless we let go of guns. Jan 28, 2013 837
Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons Under Feinstein Bill. Jan 25, 2013 428
Dianne Feinstein Gun Bill: Text, List Of Guns Banned And Details Of 'The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013'. Jan 24, 2013 1707
US Sen. Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban Thursday. Jan 24, 2013 298
Obama opens a $500m war chest in gun fight. Jan 17, 2013 671
Obama Op-ed Urges Lawmakers To 'Act Soon' On Gun Violence [FULL TEXT]. Jan 17, 2013 1034
New York leads the way. Jan 16, 2013 622
New York enacts gun-control law, first since attack. Jan 16, 2013 842
Gun Law: Barack Obama Highlights Military Assault Rifle Ban. Jan 16, 2013 454
Obama Gun Control Package Includes Assault Weapons Ban, Ammo Restrictions, Mental Health Push. Jan 16, 2013 519
Assault weapon ban a sensible effort: Obama. Jan 15, 2013 566
New York Gov. Cuomo To Press For Stronger Gun Laws, Assault Weapons Ban. Jan 9, 2013 630
Obama Administration Is Getting Serious About Gun Control: Report. Jan 7, 2013 823
Kawit gunman had stash of high-powered firearms-PNP. Jan 6, 2013 662
It is time to demand an assault weapons ban. Editorial Jan 4, 2013 586
"For every mass shooting that seizes the country's attention, it is important to remember the many people who are victims and survivors of gun violence every day.". Greuel, Wendy Jan 1, 2013 598
COPS IN U.S BUY BACK GUNS; FIREARMS HANDED IN AFTER SANDY HOOK Hundreds queue to exchange their weapons for food. Dec 28, 2012 417
Rocket Launchers Collected In LA Gun Buyback Along With 75 Assault Weapons. Dec 28, 2012 331
Year In Review: 2012, The Year Washington Got Serious About Gun Control. Dec 26, 2012 1042
US lobby issues point-blank 'no' on gun control. Dec 24, 2012 781
Urban advocates say new gun control talk overdue. Dec 23, 2012 1046
Patrick says gun used in massacre banned in Mass. Dec 21, 2012 439
Republicans resist ban on assault weapons as debate over gun control reignites. Dec 20, 2012 440
Obama 'actively supporting' assault weapons ban legislation after Connecticut school shooting. Dec 19, 2012 277
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 187
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 157
Rise in sales of the AR-15 assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 183
Obama to support bid to ban assault weapons. Dec 19, 2012 604
Rise in sales of the AR-15 f assault rifle. Dec 19, 2012 183
Obama supports assault weapons ban. Dec 19, 2012 137
Cerberus Capital Selling Maker Of Bushmaster Assault Rifle Used In Massacre At Sandy Hook Elementary In Newtown. Dec 18, 2012 367
US senator launches bid to ban assault weapons. Dec 17, 2012 752
Assault Weapons Ban: Newtown School Shooting Renews Calls For Gun Control Legislation. Dec 17, 2012 552
Will Obama Push For Renewal Of Federal Assault Weapons Ban? Dec 14, 2012 635
Oregon mall shooter's 'jammed' assault rifle averted 'much worse' tragedy, says sheriff. Dec 13, 2012 212
How To Make An AR-15 Or Another Gun At Home: Start With A 3D Printer. Dec 2, 2012 2270
Issues in the 112th Congress. Krouse, William J. Nov 1, 2012 17574
Other salient gun control legislative issues. Krouse, William J. Nov 1, 2012 6235
RNC Fundraising Events: Assault Rifle Raffles, 'Milk and Cookies' With Lindsey Graham And One Really Expensive Journey Concert. Aug 28, 2012 509
Controversy clouds army's plan to buy new assault rifle. Aug 20, 2012 198
Gun control legislation. Krouse, William J. Report Aug 1, 2012 13811
'Dark Knight' shooting suspect bought assault rifle same day he failed key exam. Jul 26, 2012 182
Jamming of 'Dark Knight' massacre suspect's assault rifle possibly saved several lives. Jul 23, 2012 152
Want An Assault Rifle? Yours For $600 In Aurora, Colorado. Jul 20, 2012 648
Kayla Ferrante Killed By Assault Rifle; Hundreds Gather To Say Goodbye To The 17-Year-Old Memorial High School Graduate. Jun 1, 2012 609
Franklin Armory CSW. Apr 10, 2012 107
'NO SENSE' IN GUNS ESCAPADE. Mar 1, 2012 376
Assault rifle nonsense. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2012 434
Assault rifle nonsense. Aiken, D. Williams Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2012 329
Madsen M50: Looking to make the leap into machine guns? Kokalis, who's owned hundreds in his time, says you can't go wrong with this reliable and low - priced SMG from Denmark. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 1, 2012 3598
Assault rifle moniker. DeWeese, Bob Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2012 719
Google pulls plug on game that let you shoot in streets with virtual assault rifle. Dec 13, 2011 213
Land OPS = firepower + mobility. Company overview Dec 1, 2011 10049
SIG 551A1: back in business: the classic assault rifle has returned. Poole, Eric R. Nov 17, 2011 682
Roller locking wonder: Century International Arms' outstanding CETME. Bodinson, Holt Aug 1, 2011 1627
Sturmgewehr: the first assault rifle Germany's MP44. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Aug 1, 2011 1977
Patrol rifles good, assault rifles bad? Codrea, David Aug 1, 2011 481
Too many bullets? The "why" of high-capacity magazines. Ayoob, Massad Jun 1, 2011 877
Sex and Violence. Kordova, Shoshana Feb 4, 2011 497
7.62x39: when loaded with good bullets, the ubiquitous ".30 Russian short" is good for a lot more than high-volume, rapid-fire plinking. Forker, Bob Jan 25, 2011 1120
The LAW is back. Jan 1, 2011 383
Ultimate AUG: originals from the early 1990s are sought-after collector's items. Now this groundbreaking Austrian bullpup is made in the USA. Kokalis, Peter G. Oct 1, 2010 6596
DSA SA-58 Para Tactical Rifle. Kokalis, Peter G. Product/service evaluation Jul 1, 2010 6974
Could Mayors' fervor for gun curbs trigger global legal action? Peirce, Neal Column May 10, 2010 842
A flanking detachment in the mountains. Grau, Lester W. May 1, 2010 2756
The six gunner goes AR! Hunting, that is. With a stag arms model 7 hunter 6.8mm Remington SPC. Taffin, John Apr 1, 2010 2358
Country reports. Report Mar 1, 2010 29791
The FNH SCAR: special forces combat assault rifle. Douglas, Dave Cover story Mar 1, 2010 1599

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