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Assad sworn in for third term, vows states backing terrorism to pay high price.

NNA - Syrian President, Barshar Assad, pledged, in the inaugural speech he gave on Wednesday upon the occasion of his swearing in for a third seven-year term, that the states backing terrorism would pay high price for it. "Isn't what we're seeing today in Iraq, Lebanon and all the countries witnessing 'fake spring' is the tangible evidence on the credibility of what we have warned of again and again?" he asked. "Soon, we shall see the regional and western states that supported terrorism paying the price for it," he confirmed. Addressing Syrians, he said, "They wanted a revolution but you were the revolutionaries. I felicitate Syria on such people who defy all aggressions by all means, and who challenge terrorism by election and the right to vote." "The spared no way yet they failed to persuade you that they are keen on this country and on you. They failed to break your will and determination so there you let the world see the truth," he continued. "The [presidential] elections were not just an executive political process, but rather a battle of free decision and all the other battles were in its favor. The elections were a declaration of real belonging to the nation and a battle of defending sovereignty and the dignity of people. We have overthrown collaborators and their masters and those with schemes ran by the big powers," he went on to say. "After the media machines applied themselves to depicting everybody who left Syria was against it, they were dealt the severe blow from the very Syrians abroad who only anchored their national image. Through the ballot, they corroborated they were Syrians body and soul; they confirmed that the main reason behind leaving Syria was terrorism," he continued. Furthermore, Assad said he was upbeat that the circumstances would be back to track and that all Syrians would return to their country. "The war staged against the Syrian people is dirty and despite everything, the people did not surrender because we have more determination when conditions are more difficult," he stressed. "Aggression on Syria does not target people or the government but the structure of the nation in order to turn citizens into sheep that are remote controlled (...) they targeted all that distinguishes Syria in its history," he said. "The vision was clear to us since the beginning and what happens in the country is a big scheme for the region," he added, underlining that Iraq invasion was the beginning of the division. On Gaza, he said that the current hostility against the Strip was not dissociated from what was happening in the region. "All what is taking place in the region aims to melt down the Palestinian Cause. And we must tell apart the Palestinian resistance from the ungrateful." Assad, who termed the Muslim Brotherhood as the Devil Brotherhood, maintained that terrorism should be stamped out and that internal reconciliation should be finalized. "The political solution resides in internal reconciliations," he underscored. He did not fail to hail the heroic role of the Syrian army, saying, "We shall not sigh in relief until Aleppo is safe again." "We shall not forget the loyal among the Lebanese resistance who stood alongside our army and offered martyrs in defense of our cause. We also thank Iran, Russia, and China for respecting the decision of the Syrian people," he concluded. ===================R.A.H.

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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Geographic Code:7SYRI
Date:Jul 16, 2014
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