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Aspiri, Cuckold.

Aspiri, Cuckold

 After I got out of prison
 I spent the rest of my life in Merida
 And came back to Chetumal to die.
 I couldn't forgive; I wasn't happy, not that I wanted to be.
 I threw away my honor
 And a possible career in engineering:
 Two wounds deeper than hers,
 Two blows that struck the chest with more force;
 And for the Chetumal gossips
 A scandal that filled my soul with muck.
 And my consolation:
 When I died, having spent fourteen years in prison,
 The necessary and indifferent payment for her death,
 She'd already spent thirty years in hell.

Translated from the Spanish by Kathleen Snodgrass
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Author:Snodgrass, Kathleen
Publication:the new renaissance
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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