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Aspen trees.

by Elaine Canfield, October 2002

Amazing Aspen Alliteration" evolved from Elain Canfield's lesson. Day one, we painted three to five white stripes on 13" x 20" gray cardstock, touching top and bottom, or diagonally from top to side. Day two, we painted black areas of the trees using plastic that was cut the size of credit cards as a tool. Day three, we studied photos of aspen trees then used permanent markers to add little black branches and any additional black areas not painted before. Then, using our fingerprints, we made leaves from yellow, orange, red and green paint.

The final class time was spent adding background with oil pastels and writing a description of the painting using alliteration of four or more words. This mixed-media project (acrylic paint, oil pastels, black marker) worked beautifully--with many compliments!

Submitted by Toni Busch Ratzlaff, Summit Elementary, Divide, Colo.

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Author:Ratzlaff, Toni Busch
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Date:May 1, 2013
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