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Aspen Technology Releases Aspen Advisor 5.0.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999--

Latest version of production accounting and data reconciliation

software includes Internet support and enhanced InfoPlus.21(TM)


Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), the leading supplier of manufacturing enterprise optimization solutions for the process industries, today announced the release of Aspen Advisor(TM) 5.0 for refining and petrochemical companies. The only expert-system-based data reconciliation and production accounting software application available, Aspen Advisor offers added support systems and application interfaces for advanced gathering and processing of plant information. By providing daily reports on a plant's actual production as compared to planned production, data reconciliation and production accounting systems enable petrochemical manufacturers and refiners to accurately assess production and manage it to meet production plans.

Aspen Advisor combines an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows(R)-based graphical interface with a knowledge-based reconciliation algorithm to track inventory and material movements into, through and out of a processing plant. This feature enables plant engineers to model inventory and material movements, reconcile information from plant systems, such as AspenTech's InfoPlus.21(TM), and generate reports using a visually-oriented expert-system that guides the reconciliation process.

"Our refining and petrochemical customers require accurate daily production accounting reports in order to use the reconciled data to operate their plants at optimum levels," said Larry Evans, Chairman and CEO of Aspen Technology, Inc. "Aspen Advisor continues to be the leading production accounting software solution for these companies. It has gained wide market acceptance due to its focus on usability and rapid deployment and its ability to integrate with other popular applications and technologies used in the refining and petrochemical industries."

Aspen Advisor can now gather information through a direct link to other applications to track a wide range of plant data including shipments and receipts. By providing this information link to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and production planning systems such as Aspen PIMS(TM), Aspen Advisor enables manufacturers to eliminate potential data-entry errors and accurately report production data.

The software is currently being implemented by several AspenTech customers and includes these advanced features:

--Expert system-based reconciliation--Unique to the industry, Aspen Advisor's knowledge-based intelligence system identifies gross errors in production data, visually aids the user in correcting these anomalies and then intelligently distributes any remaining error based on flow measurements and instrument accuracy. This intelligent method eliminates the spreading of gross error to otherwise correct values, which commonly occurs in conventional production accounting and data reconciliation systems.

--Multiple database accessibility--Also unique to the industry, the Aspen Advisor data model is accessed via ODBC and can reside in almost all commercially available databases such as Microsoft SQL Server(TM), OracLE 8(TM) and others. Unlike conventional production accounting systems that use a proprietary database, Aspen Advisor users can retrieve data easily through common reporting packages.

--Enhanced integration with InfoPlus.21--Accurate plant data is essential for accurate production accounting data. Tight integration with the InfoPlus.21 plant information management system enables Aspen Advisor to take plant data, such as flow measurements, and translate it into a meaningful form for ERP and other business systems.

--ERP system integration--ERP systems such as SAP R/3 rely on accurate, consistent production data to guide decisions across the entire enterprise. Aspen Advisor delivers that production data to ERP systems, ensuring those decisions are based on accurate information.

--Shipment and receipt integration--Through direct integration with ERP systems or other systems managing shipments and receipts, Aspen Advisor can now directly import shipment and receipt information, reducing the chance of gross errors and improving the accuracy and consistency of accounting data.

--Planning and scheduling integration--Interfaces for importing planning and scheduling data enable Aspen Advisor to compare planned and actual production figures. This integration with ERP systems or production planning systems such as Aspen PIMS dramatically simplifies producing these comparison reports.

--Intranet support--An Aspen Advisor plant model can be linked to information on a company's Intranet about specific plant equipment. This gives users access to additional information on specific equipment to help guide them in correcting gross errors located by Aspen Advisor.

Aspen Advisor, Aspen PIMS and InfoPlus.21 are part of AspenTech's Plantelligence(TM) suite of plant optimization products and services for the process manufacturing industry.

About AspenTech

Aspen Technology, Inc. is the leading supplier of integrated software and services for manufacturing enterprise optimization. AspenTech's solutions include Plantelligence(TM), which integrates plant processes to improve business performance, and supply chain management products that unite the enterprise from strategic decision making through manufacturing execution. The company's deep process knowledge, best-in-class solutions, optimization expertise and integrated technologies enable customers to align people, resources and business processes to drive their enterprise to its True Potential(TM). AspenTech employs more than 1,400 people in 22 offices worldwide and is headquartered at Ten Canal Park Cambridge, Mass. 02141. Additional Company and product information is available at or by calling 1-888-996-7070.

AspenTech, Plantelligence, Aspen PIMS, InfoPlus.21, Aspen Advisor, True Potential and the aspen leaf logo are trademarks of Aspen Technology, Inc., Cambridge, Mass.
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