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Asparagus club.

THE CALIFORNIA ASPARAGUS COMMISSION, BASED IN HOLTVILLE, CALIF., has created several promotions to spike sales of the popular vegetable throughout its spring growing season.

The commission offers free point-of-purchase materials to call attention to retail displays and encourages retailers to promote California asparagus for Cinco de Mayo (May 5) by cross-merchandising asparagus with chilis, green peppers and onions. For Mother's Day, the CAC website has a number of topical recipes and photos that can be downloaded for use in retail flyers, or included on in-store recipe kiosks. It suggests asparagus and other spring vegetables be merchandised with strawberries to create a dramatic and colorful display.

Memorial Day brings another slate of merchandising opportunities. The CAC suggests retailers kick off the summer grilling season with displays of jumbo California asparagus, fresh corn, Vidalia onions, summer squash, bell peppers and grilling potatoes.

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Author:Turcsik, Richard
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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