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Asociatia Cluburilor Alcoolicilor in Recuperare (ACAR): 10 years of alcohology in Romania.

The event was attended by prominent guests such as its Excellencies Europarlamentars Isabella Monte (Italy), Maria Grapini (Romania), Grace Petru Gherghel (Bishop of Iasi), Dr. Francesco Piani (President of the European School of Alcohology, Italy), Prof. Univ. Dr. Vasile Chirita (Institute of Psychiatry "Socola"), prefect Bogdan Abalasi, Ichim Romica (Head of the National Antidrug) and many other guests, officials, partners or families that benefited from special assistance ACAR.

Dr. Ovidiu Alexinschi, ACAR programs coordinator, pointed out succinctly in his speech 10 years of activities by carrying out the recovery of more than 500 alcohol-related problems families and 10 clubs for alcoholics in territory development of a Rehabilitation Center Iasi or opening of a new rehabilitation center for women in Roman and future plans to extend the network of Clubs through the training of specialists in the forum methodological North-East in an internationally certified course with support from the European School of Alcohology, Institute "Socola" and foreign academic partners.

Branded guest speeches were followed by a few emotional moments that families spent spill reported after ACAR programs and socio-familial progress consecutive maintenance of abstinence and lifestyle change upside and spiritual maturation.

In the afternoon, starting at 14:30 manifestations have continued at a Interclub ACAR in Iasi which brought together over 100 families and individuals receiving in time the support from the association, an occasion that a relaxed, informal celebration for families to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions in a warm atmosphere.

Conclusions of the events were within the meaning of the need to continue and extend ACAR programs to propagate method Hudolin (multifamily communities for people with alcohol problems) across Romania with tangible benefits for both alcohol-related problem families and for throughout society as a whole.

Ovidiu-Eugen ALEXINSCHI--M. D., Ph. D., Senior Psychiatrist, "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry Iasi, Romania

Vasile CHIRITA--Prof., M. D., Ph. D., "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry, Iasi, Romania

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Title Annotation:Official Statement
Author:Alexinschi, Ovidiu-Eugen; Chirita, Vasile
Publication:Bulletin of Integrative Psychiatry
Article Type:Conference notes
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Date:Dec 1, 2015
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