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Every week our specialists will answer YOUR questions on the property issues that affect you. Contact us at QI've recently moved into a new house with a smaller kitchen and have found that there is just not enough space for all my stuff. What can I do to help keep order in the kitchen? A The kitchen is the heart of the home and it was recently found that we spend more than 20 full days a year in there, which explains why it becomes so cluttered.

The easiest way to add more storage is by using rail systems. These are usually hung under wall cabinets above the work surface and come with lots of different accessories. For example, hooks for hanging your cooking utensils, pot and pans, racks to dry dishes, containers for storing cutlery, kitchen towel holders, hanging organisers for spices and magnetic strips for knives. These help free-up space in your cabinets for larger items to be stored.

Another, unexpected, way to add storage to your kitchen is to make use of the ceiling. Ceilingmounted utensil racks use space that would otherwise be wasted. IKEA sells many different rail systems and utensil racks.

One solution is the KROKEN ceiling-mounted utensil rack at pounds 17.99. The rack stores utensils and pans that normally take up a lot of cupboard space, like frying pans and saucepans. Plus when combined with the KROKEN s-hooks (pounds 1.49 for five) lighter utensils like colanders and graters can also be hung from the rack.

For more ideas visit www.IKEA.


MIKAEL BERRYMAN IKEA Head of Interior Design
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 9, 2010
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