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AskFiona: Husband has no right to beat you.

Byline: Fiona

Q BECAUSE my husband has always been aggressive and violent, I decided I wouldn't have children - in case he turned his rage on to them. My doctor gives me contraceptive injections and has tried to get me to leave him.

I have been into hospital several times because of the damage he's done to me.

My family say he has the right to chastise me, but I am so unhappy and wish I could get away.

I have no money to start a home of my own - the doctor says there are places I could go but I am too scared.


A PLEASE listen to what your doctor is telling you and leave your husband right away.

There are places, called refuges, that you could be moved to where he would never find you. You don't have to spend another moment with him. Domestic violence is a crime in this country and, whatever your family say, your husband has no right to treat you this way.

If he tries to beat you again call the police - dial 999. One in nine women is severely abused every year and the only way to overcome violence like this is to speak out.

There is a Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

Please call right away.

Q I LEFT my husband ten years ago because he wouldn't get help for his alcoholism. We divorced and I've since remarried.

I tried for years to get him to stop but he wouldn't.

I always thought I'd done the right thing but I've heard that he's now dying.

Now I am wondering if I should have tried harder or if I should have stayed.


ATEN years ago you were at the end of your tether. You are not to blame for your husband's illness. If you need some support call Al-Anon Family Groups on 020 7403 0888.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 11, 2006
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