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PDSA VET IAN FLEMING ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS Q: SINCE the start of the summer our nine-year-old female cat Jazz is coming in at breakfast time, eating some food and then disappearing until the following morning.

When she's at home of her own accord she's a little sweetie. We had an incident a couple of years ago when she was disappearing for days and nights at a time. It turned out she was staying at a house across the road. At that time Jazz was on medication so I had to challenge the neighbour to stop letting her in. If she has taken Jazz back in, is there anything I can do? A: As you know, cats can visit other homes of their own accord and the best thing to do first of all is to discuss this with your neighbour.

There may be reasons why your cat prefers to go to another house, such as getting treats. Sometimes items in a house can make cats feel that it's no longer their territory, such as a new baby or the smell of decorating.

I'd have a chat with your neighbour and see what would be best for your cat - it may be that you have to come up with a compromise that suits Jazz.

Q: My rabbit has a hard lump on his hind leg which I think is muscle swelling because it is quite big and is all down his bottom to his hind leg. Should I take him to the vet or is it a strain that will fix itself? A: You need to take your rabbit to see your vet as there are quite a few different things that could cause this. For example, the commonest causes are an abscess that can occur from an infected wound and they can occur anywhere in the rabbit's body.

There are also some tumours that can affect the bones in the hind legs of rabbits, but fortunately these are quite rare. A particular chronic form of myxomatosis, a viral disease, can also cause swelling on the paws. Cysts can cause swellings and even bee stings can too!

Your vet can examine your rabbit to determine the cause and what treatment he may need.

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