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Ask the book doctor.

Dear Dr. Rosie,

Just how important is it for self-published authors to have an Internet presence, and what are ways I can market my books on the Internet? Last, but not least, what does it cost for a basic website?

Dear Author,

You have many great questions, my dear. I will address each one individually.

First of all, the Internet can be a powerful tool when you make maximum use of its applications. It is a great way for self-published authors to create the "flank" for books. When I say, "Create the book funk," I mean make sure your book is in everybody's face--guerilla marketing is what I am talking about. With the Internet, you can promote your book to book clubs, get permission from other sites to link to your website, or write articles for websites and mention your book as part of your byline for the article.

One of the most powerful new tools to promote your book is on Internet radio talk shows. Internet talk radio is a global market. Recently, I listened to "On the Same Page" on, and host Maxine E. Thompson was interviewing an author from Paris. The listening audience was able to call in and talk to the host and the author. This is clearly a revolutionary Internet breakthrough for books.

Internet radio talk show programs can involve an author in Los Angeles being interviewed by a radio station in New York. The interview is done via telephone. The difference is a local radio station can only reach a limited area due to its signal.

However, anyone who has access to the Internet can listen to and participate in Internet talk radio. With the Internet, authors can promote their books with a low budget, or practically no budget, and get national or international publicity. You can develop an Internet and website presence for less than $60 per month. And to keep costs down and control your image, you should manage your own website.

The fee for building a basic website should be no more than $350.00. You do not need to pay a webmaster to manage your website. It's better to pay a webmaster a consulting fee to have them teach you how to manage your site. Microsoft Front Page is a good program for your website.

A basic website presentation should include:

1. A home page, including your book cover and publisher information

2. An author's picture and biography

3. Any press release, excerpts or book reviews

4. A book-signing schedule

5. An order form and information about where to buy your book

You can also market to booksellers on the Internet. A serious author should spend at least two hours a day marketing online. You can find book clubs on the Internet; many book dubs are interviewing authors via speaker telephone, so listen up! Remember, the Internet is to an author what a tree is to a branch--it allows you to grow.

For more information about participating on Internet Radio, e-mail Dr. Rosie at, or check out her website, Dr. Rosie is author of the new book Creating a New You in Six Weeks!

E-mail your questions to Dr. Rosie at
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