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Normally, I try to answer a variety of questions in each issue of Nutrition Health Review but this time I am devoting this column to one subject, because of a flood of mail, from both men and women, asking about male impotence. Most men shy away from talking about this, to their own detriment. If it were more openly discussed and understood, I feel that much of the concern over this would vanish. The wives write about their husband's "lack of interest," "inability to perform," etc. And the men say they can no longer "satisfy their wives" or "can't cut the mustard," etc.

What people loosely term as sexual impotence very rarely results from physical reasons, such as diabetes. In the majority of cases, this is a classic example of how the brain controls the body and is mainly a psychological problem. It is quite natural for men to slow down as they get older. But some men get the idea that they are "over the hill." What a travesty! This way of thinking is ridiculous, of course. It all boils down to the difference in the thinking processes of men and women. Since they each approach almost any subject from different perspectives, there is little, if any, understanding of each other. If both approached the subject from a rational, common-sense, openly communicated point, then this condition could be greatly eliminated.

Having counselled many persons of both sexes, both together, and separately, I'm willing to share a few ideas with you. It would take many times my allotted space here to go into depth, so some day I may write a book about this.

Many of us were brought up to regard any sexual activity as though it were dirty, evil, and forbidden instead of the most natural, beautiful and responsible element of life. This is wrong, and it is devastating. I do not blame parents for not teaching their children properly, because they were not taught themselves, and they consider it an embarrassing topic to talk about. It should not be so. Much marital discord evolves from this very fact. Girls are told to be chaste, and that sexual thoughts or attitudes are wrong and evil. Then they marry and feel that a piece of paper is going to make it legal. How can they, in one fell swoop, now engage in the purity of complete union without trepidation and guilt? It is little wonder that the divorce rate keeps climbing, since neither he nor she knows much about the opposite sex or even realizes that one needs to. The couple pattern their lives after their parents, and their mistakes, through lack of knowledge.

Now, back to the impotence factor. In some cases men do confide in each other about this "problem," but usually never to their wives, the very ones with whom they should be communicating. If she is a good wife, she will be understanding and help him overcome his nervous tension and stress, which in turn, are preventing him from "being a man." The woman really has the bigger job -- since she must get the man ready and willing to give energy to her -- and this must be done in a subtle manner. His ego cannot be bruised in the process. The wife who complains about her husband's inability to "perform" is working at cross purposes to her own benefit. Instead she should find ways to make him more interested in her as a person, not just a sex object, and allow him to rebuild his own confidence. In very extreme cases, I have found that hypnosis has helped, but only when administered by a licensed hypnotist or psychiatrist.

Men read ads in lurid tabloids that promise to "restore manhood."

"Miracle" pills are offered, usually at highly inflated prices. These are usually of no value. Of course, some might work in a few cases through what doctors call the placebo effect, because people believe in them so much. For centuries, in all cultures, men have sought out aphrodisiacs, herbs or various materials said to enhance one's sexual prowess. Some of these do work with a bit of success with some persons, but not with others. It takes much experimentation to find out which ones or which combinations will work in each individual case.

Many of these reputed aphrodisiac herbs come from China, Africa, and South America and are available here. Among these are such herbs as Ginseng, Gingko, Lubo, Hu-Chiang, and Yohimbe Bark. Currently, I am hearing about a new mixture of ten herbs, including those mentioned above, which is being marketed in this country under the name "Aphro-Caps" by several importers. Since these are fairly new, if anyone wishes information about them, I can refer you to an importer. Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request.

But, aphrodisiacs aside for the moment, nothing is going to work miracles unless your body is in fairly good condition to start with. You may be run-down physically, as a result of excessive dissipation (smoking, alcohol, caffeine). This damage must be repaired first. Your sexual ability depends on all areas of yourself, your mind, your emotions and your physical body. Unless all these are working together in harmony, your sexual ability will not improve. This is no easy task, but it is well worth the time you take to make it work.

Your mind can be affected by stress, tension, and nervousness. This can be relieved by using 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoonful of powdered Bunce Herb (Alminora Sativum), taken in several ounces of warm water, up to three times daily as needed. You also have to remove what is causing the stress and tension. Stop worrying; it can never do anything except compound the problem with more nervousness. Adopt a positive attitude toward yourself and your lifestyle. Change what you can, and accept the rest. Make the most of what you have with which to work.

Next, work on your body, with a daily regimen of moderate exercise. A few minutes each morning, and a few each night before retiring. Do not expect results in a week or two, but if done religiously, exercise will help you back to normal. Lose weight if you need to. Eat a bit less at each meal, but eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruit daily. Eliminate meat from your diet. Of course, it goes without saying that the caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol have to go! Give yourself a few months of these things, then you will be ready to use an aphrodisiac mixture of herbs if you still feel the need of it.

Also -- as a tonic for the systems, and to give you more pep and energy, use 1/2 teaspoonful of Green Magic (Xochicatl) either mixed into your food or into a few ounces of fruit juice at mealtime. For extra vitality, add a few Astrelin tablets to your intake, with meals at least twice a day. Both these items contain a healthy mixture of organic herbs that will augment your other preparations like the exercise and healthy reduced diet.
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Title Annotation:impotence
Author:Turner, Edward F.
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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