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Ask an FEI researcher about...eLearning. (Resources).

What is eLeaming?

A white paper quotes industry expert Elliott Masie's definition: e-Learning is "the use of technology to design, deliver, select, administer, support and extend learning."

The power of eLearning brings a new dimension to learning. In his white paper, Evaluating F-Learning Solutions, published by SkillSoft, Dorman Woodall says, "The exciting universe of eLearning balances the traditional classroom approach and the constantly evolving technology-based learning."

How can I decide if my company is ready for eLearning?

Woodall's white paper provides an "eLearning Readiness Scale" that allows you to evaluate whether your company is ready for eLearning, based on 20 criteria. For example, you will score a high readiness rating if:

* You have a large population of learners.

* Learners are dispersed in different geographic locations.

* Most of the learners have access to the Internet or an intranet.

* A wide range of skills is needed--business, technical, professional.

The white paper is comprehensive and available to free download free on its Web site: www/ lutions.htm.

Where do I start?

John Alonso, co-founder and chief technology officer of OutStart, outlines five steps with questions to get started with eLearning:

1. What Do You Have Now? Find out what learning your company has now, how it is delivered, how it is developed and by whom.

2. What Kind of Learning Do You Need? Focus on the learner and drive your learning requirements from what they tell you they want and need.

3. What Kind of Learning Do You Want? Today's learning is not simply bullets and graphics on slides. It has animation, sounds and all kinds of assessment tools.

4. What About the Future? What key corporate strategies do you need to accommodate? Often, key initiatives are undertaken and no one asks basic questions because they assume they would be told about critical elements, or others assume the planners know.

5. Is IT involved--early? Get if involved early Learning is becoming a strategic asset, and one that is increasingly recognized as an enterprise-class application. IT is critical to the implementation and support of enterprise applications.

What Learning Management Solutions (LMS) are available?

Oracle iLearning is an enterprise learning management system that provides a complete infrastructure for organizations to manage, deliver and track training participation of employees, customers and partners, in both online and classroom-based environments. The system may be installed at your site or as an outsourced service, eliminating the need for expensive and complex installation and ongoing software maintenance.

INTELLINEX, an eLearning venture of Ernst & Young LLP, provides a full-service approach to eLearning. It offers customized total solutions, including technology, content and services, to help customers execute business strategies, drive performance and achieve growth. For more information, visit the INTELLINEX Web site:

For more information, see the Web site: .

OutStart is a provider of enterprise-wide eLearning solutions to corporations through Evolution, the company's content management and dynamic delivery platform. This content-centric learning platform puts the focus on the learner for both development and delivery.

The system permits a collaborative effort of different groups to create content components. Learning can then be delivered in the classroom, on a CD, on the Web or on a personal digital assistant (PDA). For more information, visit the Web site:

PeopleSoft believes that potential "learners" can include employees, suppliers, distributors, customers and other partners, so PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management is integrated into all aspects of the company. This Learning Management System will recommend learning modules to different learners based on outside triggers, such as new product launches, customer needs, industry trends, succession plans and career plans. For more information. click on:

William M. Sinnett is director of research for the FEI Research Foundation.
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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