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Ask a Florida Sportsman.

Asked: At the Florida Folk Festival, Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, Memorial Day weekend

Q Why does a bad day fishin' beat a good day at work?

Foster Barnes, Brooksville, musician (dobro player)

It's just obvious. Work sucks basically and nature is beautiful. Just being out in nature is what I like.

Jim Lavender, Groveland, water plant operator for City of Maitland

That's tough for me because I really love my job. But I really like fishing because it's a wasted day. Nothing better than a wasted day.

Mark Stewart, Geneva, honey farmer

It's a tricky question. For me fishing is like work because you're providing for yourself and if you don't catch anything, that's a bummer. What about these guys who get swept off their boat in a storm. That's a bad day fishin'!

Sarah Bruce, St. Augustine, nurse practitioner

'Cause you're still not at work.

Rhonda Moraca, White Springs, Assistant Graduate Dean at University of Florida

I'm not sure that's true. My dad used to take me out in the airboat: too hot, too noisy, too many bugs and not many fish. I'd rather be working.

Steve Estes, Sopchoppy, retired from State of Florida

Nobody looks forward all week to going to work and then is sorry the day is over.

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Publication:Florida Sportsman
Date:Aug 1, 2015
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