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Ask Dr. Zand.

Q. I think I have a yeast infection. Are there any simple ways to figure it out without going to the doctor?

--Beth H., via email

Dear Beth,

Great question. Yes, there is. Go to the mirror and stick out your tongue.

Is your tongue thickly coated or have white patches? Brush your tongue with your toothbrush and see if it comes off. If not, you must consider a probiotic. If you currently use a probiotic, double the dose. You also should consider fermented foods, such as kimchi, or sauerkraut.

White tongue coat may be a candida infection. If your DIY program doesn't change the appearance of your tongue, you'll need to seek medical attention.

Q. I've been a subscriber for several years and also use a number of your products. I'm a retired nurse who has studied natural medicine since retiring. Recently, I had a test for toxins and my lead report was three times the upper expected limit per the referenced population. My urine level reflects recent or ongoing exposure. Two days after the report, your e-mail arrived talking about using PectaSol. I was advised to start Liquid EDTA. I have lost weight over the last two years due to a lot of stress and have been told this will cause weight loss. I want to take your product but my question is since the lead level is so high, will PectaSol be enough? And will it cause me to lose weight?

--Carol O., Windermere, FL

Dear Carol,

Lead poisoning is something I know about first hand. I was diagnosed with lead poisoning in my early 20s. I used several different therapies and after six months, I was as good as new. None of these will cause you to lose weight.

(1) Please have your vitamin D level checked. If your level is below 20, consider a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D levels less than 20 ug/DL appear to have a major impact on lead levels when other nutrients, notably calcium, are inadequate.

(2) Also, please wait to take liquid EDTA. It's important to have your kidney function and liver enzymes checked before beginning the EDTA. Generally, people over 60 years old with any significant medical history are better served being under the care of a physician who can administer IV chelation.

(3) For a DIY treatment, you can start slowly with the PectaSol (3 daily) and after two weeks increase to 3 capsules two times daily.

(4) If you can tolerate vitamin C buffered is preferred--you can include 1,000 mg twice daily. Many of my patients also include the nutrient NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) 1,200 mg daily. NAC helps to increase glutathione (one of the body's very strongest antioxidants) and protect the production of free radicals and oxidation.

(5) With elevated lead levels, calcium metabolism is sometimes impaired. It's important to check your blood levels of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Also please ask your doctor to check your red blood cell mercury. This is a simple blood test which can give you insight into mercury poisoning. Sometimes lead poisoning is accompanied with mercury.

Have a question? Send it to: Ask Dr. Zand, P.O. Box 8051, Norcross GA 30093. Or e-mail to While I can't diagnose or treat your illness by mail, I'll answer as many questions as I can in the newsletter.

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