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Ask Doctor Cory.

Dear Dr. Cory:

I love sports! I also love to exercise. I like to do aerobics, play baseball, skate, dance, sing, and hike in the woods.

I have never had measles, but I am wondering if you can only get measles once like chickenpox. How do you get rid of them?

Sarah Dixon Cleveland, Tennessee

Dear Sarah:

Measles is an illness caused by a virus. A person can only get the measles virus one time.

People used to get measles all the time. Now people in the United States don't get measles very often. That's because we have a vaccine that helps prevent measles. Vaccines protect us from getting certain diseases. Another name for vaccine is immunization. Vaccines are usually given in the form of shots.

You will probably never get measles because you are undoubtedly vaccinated. In its mild form, the illness causes coldlike symptoms, fever, cough, and a rash. The rash usually fades in five to eight days. More serious infections can develop along with measles, including ear infections, sore throat, pneumonia, febrile seizures, and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). People who don't get their measles vaccines can still get measles.

Dr. Cory:

Why is it that some people who eat a lot of food do not get fat while other people do?

Ryssel Guzman New York, New York

Dear Ryssel:

Your body weight depends not only on what you eat (your diet) and how much you exercise, but also on your metabolic rate, or your body processes. One chemical that affects the metabolic rate is thyroxine. It is made by your thyroid gland. If your thyroid gland makes too much thyroxine, your metabolic rate will be high. This causes you to burn your calories quickly and be thin. If your thyroid gland doesn't make enough thyroxine, your metabolic rate will be low. This causes you to burn calories slowly and to put on weight more easily. Your body makes other chemicals that also affect your metabolic rate.

Dr. Cory:

My name is Corey, also. I would like to know where white blood cells and red blood cells are made?

Corey Ervin Apison, Tennessee

Dear Corey:

Some bones, such as the ribs and the femur (thigh bone), contain marrow. Red blood cells, platelets, and some types of white blood cells are made in marrow. Other types of white blood cells are made in lymph tissue. This is part of the lymph system that runs throughout the body.


Cory SerVaas, M.D.

Send your health questions to: "Ask Doctor Cory," U*S*Kids, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. This column does not replace your doctor's advice.
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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