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Seven-year glitch with sweet sharon 6 I have a sharon fruit tree in a pot. It's about seven years old and doesn't produce any fruit. Any suggestions? - Andreas Loizou, by email CAROL: I don't know how big your tree is, nor the pot, nor what compost it is in. Related to persimmon, it can eventually make quite a large tree. If you can't plant it in the open garden, put it in a really big container in loamy compost and give it a high-potash feed during the growing season.

Winter break in the bag for big begonia 6 I've grown large upright begonias in pots this year. What do I do with them over winter? - Tony Peel, Norfolk CAROL: I think these must be tuberous-rooted begonias. After frost has blackened the foliage, bring under cover. Take off old shoots and roots - it's best if they come off of their own accord. Let tubers dry out thoroughly. Store each one in its own paper bag (it cuts disease transmission) in a dry, dark, cool place - a garage shelf is ideal. Start them into growth next spring.


Exotic: sharon fruit tree

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 16, 2014
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