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Ask Carol.

BAFFLED OVER INDOOR BULBS What do I do with my hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs that I've had indoors this spring? Chris Munro, By email.

CAROL: Chris, you can plant your hyacinths in the garden. They'll grow again next year but they'll be smaller and a bit wilder looking. Your amaryllis, though, can be given a holiday outside but once its foliage fades and shrinks back into the bulb, bring it indoors and in November/December, give its compost a top-up, a thorough watering and wait for things to happen.

DON'T DITCH THE DAFFODILS Why have my daffodils stopped flowering? We used to have lots of flowers but every year there are fewer. Pauline Taylor, by email. CAROL: They've gone blind. The bulbs may have been damaged, they may be overcrowded, it may be too dry. Try digging up the bulbs when the leaves are shrinking and replanting them one at a time but close together, so they look natural, in fresh compost. Water them well and, fingers crossed, they may recover.

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 19, 2013
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