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Asius Technologies Set to Crowdfunding Production of Its Revolutionary ADEL[TM] Drum Earbuds.

Boulder, CO, October 28, 2016 --( Asius Technologies, the only developer of music-enhancing personal audio devices that have been scientifically proven to protect hearing, is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to attract backers for its new ADEL[TM] Drum Earbuds. Unlike the earbuds used by millions of people with personal audio devices such as smartphones, and tablets, ADEL[TM] Drum Earbuds feature an innovative, revolutionary component that functions as a "safety valve," relieving the ear canal and ultimately the human eardrum from destructive pneumatic pressure that is compounded when a device seals the ear canal shut, leaving the pressure to pound the eardrum relentlessly.

Asius' Founder, President, and Chief Science Officer Stephen D. Ambrose stated, "According to the American Academy of Audiology, 1.1 billion people are at risk for hearing loss due to unsafe use of personal audio devices." Ambrose continued, "As the inventor of In-Ear Monitors, it is distressing to see the unintended consequences of hearing loss from using devices that are supposed to bring joy. I have dedicated my life to finding a solution and am gratified that our technology will hopefully ease the suffering of millions. We have basically bio-mimicked the ear drum with novel materials that allow the ear drum to function as intended without negative side effects."

CEO Steven Lebischak adds, "We are completing the messaging and graphic details on an Indiegogo crowdfunding platform that will create a viral buzz within the crowdfunding, tech gadget, audiophile, musician, and hearing loss communities - all of whom have a stake in our success. The ADEL[TM] Drum Earbuds are a disruptive advance in audio technology that will bring audiophile quality listening to everyone, and hearing solutions to those of us who desperately need relief from the shortcomings of legacy technology - exorbitant prices, degraded sound quality and further hearing loss. While this crowdfunding will go towards production of earbuds, some of the proceeds will enable the next phase of product development - miniaturization and beta testing our prototype that will initially restore the hearing function of celebrity musicians. No other manufacturer's earbuds have been backed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation or contain ADEL technology that is able to restore hearing function while providing the best and the safest sound that money can buy."

About Asius Technologies: Asius Technologies ( develops audio technology that employs a patented second eardrum which absorbs the harmful pressures that cause hearing loss and degrade sound quality. Asius' products are enjoyed the world over by sound engineers, musicians, audiophiles, and anyone who wears ear devices for sustained periods in loud environments. Asius Technologies was founded by Stephen Ambrose, the "Father of Personal Audio," who trail blazed the path for the Walkman, iPod, and virtual reality devices by inventing and then commercializing the in-ear monitor (IEM). Feeling responsible for the epidemic of hearing loss attributed to personal listening devices, Stephen is now dedicated to developing technology that not only enhances listening, but also preserves and even restores long lost hearing function.


Steve Lebischak, CEO

Asius Technologies LLC

1257 Whitehall Drive

Boulder, CO 80504


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Asius Technologies

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Date:Oct 28, 2016
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