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Asius Technologies Reacts to Apple Announcement Regarding Wireless Earbuds.

Boulder, CO, September 14, 2016 --( Asius Technologies listened in on Apple's announcement on September 7th regarding its AirPods and new iPhone 7, which have caused much discussion because the smartphone will have no jack for audio output, forcing users to abandon their existing wired earbuds unless they use a prescribed adapter. Waiting to see what the market would say, the Asius management team monitored Internet news sources and social media platforms, where many of the comments were complaints about the decision to eliminate the headphone jack, the inconvenience of using the adaptor, the aggravation of potentially frequently losing the small AirPods, and more.

Regarding what Apple has done despite the public uproar, Stephen Ambrose, Chief Scientist, President, and Founder said, "We get it. The 3.5 millimeter jack is a 50-year-old component that takes up important real estate in a smartphone. We face similar decisions when designing in-ear monitors, most of which ironically are also dependent on that same technology." Ambrose also says, "Innovation will continue to drive miniaturization in products, and we have already working on more solutions that include our technology in wireless in-ear devices."

CEO Steven Lebischak adds, "Apple has had a pioneering role in consumer electronics and they continue to set an important bar for the rest of the personal audio industry. Fortunately, our patented technology is needed by consumers regardless of cords - it enhances audio quality while protecting one of your most important possessions - your sense of hearing. Here at Asius Technologies, this is an exciting opportunity to use our agile design and production methods to bring products to market that follow the example set by Apple. We have plans to announce an ADEL[TM] Drum retrofit for the Apple AirPod in the near future. Their new approach is worthy of our best ADEL[TM] technology adaptations which allow lower and safer listening volumes to sound much louder and better."

About Asius Technologies:​ Asius Technologies (​ is the developer of earphones that employ a patented second eardrum which absorbs the harmful pressures that cause hearing loss and degrade sound quality. Asius' products are enjoyed the world over by sound engineers, musicians, audiophiles, and anyone who wears earphones for sustained periods in loud environments. Asius Technologies was founded by Stephen Ambrose, the "Father of Personal Audio," who trail blazed the path for the Walkman, iPod, and virtual reality devices by inventing and then commercializing the in-ear monitor. Feeling responsible for the epidemic of hearing loss attributed to personal listening devices, Stephen is now dedicated to developing technology that not only enhances listening, but also preserves and even restores long lost hearing.


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Date:Sep 14, 2016
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