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Asigra: providing the key to correctness.

Asigra wants to take the guesswork out of disk-based storage for customers. Its Storage I/O and Data Validation Tool is the latest solution for helping customers get their disk-based storage infrastructure right the first time.

According to Asigra executive vice president Eran Farajun, companies previously had to trust vendor assessments when putting together a disk subsystem. Because of this, many organizations ended up spending more money than necessary on a high-end system they didn't need or less money than necessary on a low-end system that soon required an upgrade.

"What we wanted to do is give them a tool in their hands so that they can make the best assessments themselves so they can architect correctly the disk subsystems underneath their Asigra software," Farajun says.

To use the tool, customers must first obtain a disk subsystem to test from one of their potential vendors. Customers can then run the tool on a standard 64-bit server pointed toward the subsystem to be evaluated. Once activated, the tool will generate data simulating backups from many locations, sending multiple read/writes with different file sizes, numbers of directories, and numbers of files to the disk subsystem. The tool determines this simulated load based on the number of sites a company has, the number of machines it has at each location, and other factors entered by the user.

"You leave it running over the course of several days or even a week or 2, and it generates reports for you and shows it to you in real time as well," Farajun says. "It shows you what the I/O statistics are from a specific vendor."

Customers can then use the test results to decide whether the system is right for their I/O load. According to Farajun, this can save companies thousands of dollars in some instances since an incorrectly architected backup solution is often expensive to replace.

"It means that whatever they end up choosing is not too small, not too large," he says. "It's not too small in the sense of as their data requirements grow, they'll still be able to grow with them, and it's not too large that as they grow, it's not too big."

The tool is currently free to Asigra customers and partners who can get it from the company's web support portal or by contacting the company or reseller. While it is not available to non-Asigra users, the tool can be used to test non-Asigra software, such as ERP systems and databases.

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