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Asian Tribune Editor summoned to the 4th Floor regarding two news items connected with Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen.

Colombo, Sept. 23 -- Mr. K.T.Rajasingham, Editor, Asian Tribune was recently summoned by the CID to the 4th Floor to record statement regarding two news items that appeared in the Asian Tribune.

He was summoned to the 4th floor when he was recently in Sri Lanka for a fact finding mission on some of the projects he was presently working.

According to Rajasingham when he was in his house in Chunnakam, in the Jaffna district, he received a call from the CID and accordingly he presented himself in the 4th floor.

An Assistant Police Superintendent and a Police Inspector met him and explained why he was summoned and questioned him on the two news items that appeared in the Asian Tribune - the online news daily.

Rajasingham who is a Hindu and a Tamil by ethnicity agreed to answer the questions put forward by the two police officers.

The questions centered on the two news items appeared in the Asia Tribune .

They were -

1. The exclusive interview with the Mannar Magistrate Mr. Anthony Pillai Judeson under the heading - "Mannar Magistrate on Protest and agitation," appeared in the Asian Tribune dated 25 July 2012.

2. Again on its issue dated 26 July 2012 another exclusive interview with Mannar Senior Attorney at Law Mr. Emanuel Caius Feldano, who is also the President of the Mannar Bar Association appeared under the headline "Senior Attorney at Law Feldano said Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen did not lead the Demonstartion."

According to Mr. K.T.Rajasingham, Editor, Asian Tribune:

"I told the Police officials that the two concern persons whose names are appearing in those two news items were contacted over the phone from Sweden and the telephone conversations were recorded and subsequently transcribed and posted in the Asian Tribune on a word format.

I told the police officers that in my interview with Mr. Anthony Pillai Judeson, the Magistrate of Mannar, I specifically asked him -

Asian Tribune: Did you know the Minister earlier and were you able to identify the voice that spoke was that of Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen?

In response to this question the Magistrate categorically stated-

Anthony Pillai Judeson - Magistrate Mannar: No . No

When the magistrate told me that he did not know the Minister earlier and he was unable to identify the voice that spoke to him over the phone was that of the Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen.

When referring to the interview I had with the Senior Attorney At Law and the President of the Mannar Bar Association Mr. Mr. Emanuel Caius Feldano, he said that "There was no firing as such. Police d idn't fire. The Magistrate told the Police you arrest some fellows even by shooting below their knees. That is a legal order. No one can blame him."

According to Mr. Mr. Emanuel Caius Feldano's contention, I pointed out the police officers that the Sinhalese Police have failed to carry out a Tamil Magistrates order.

Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen summoned to Mannar Magistrate Court on 24 September

In the meantime Minister Risath Bathiyutheen has been summoned by the Additional Magistrate R.S. A. Dissanayake to appear in the Mannar Courts on 24 September.

Already Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen appeared in the Mannar Magistrate courts on the last 27 August.

When the case was taken up on the 27 August, the Attorney General informed the court that they are still studying the investigation reports and all that and they have still not made up their minds whether to file a case charging the Minister or not and they said that they will inform the Courts on the 4th October.

As the Minister was subsequently released on Bail and he has been already notified by the Additional Magistrate R.S.A. Dissanayake to appear in the Mannar courts on 4th October .

However, through a special motion filed in the Mannar Magistrate Court on Monday in the case No: P 408-12 of Minister Risad Bathiyutheen and the motion was taken up for hearing.

On behalf of the Mannar Bar Association, its President and Senior Attorney Mr. Emanuel Caius Feldano filed the motion saying that they want to make some submission, before the Attorney General present his submission in the courts.

When the case was taken up in the courts , Attorney At Law Mahendra Kumar Silva who represented the Mannar Bar Council pointed out that so far the CID has not submitted their reports to courts and also the Attorney General too has not made his submission in the Mannar courts.

Hence, as these reports were not submitted to the courts, the Attorney At Law who appeared for the Mannar Bar Council urged the Court to take up the case for trial on this month 24th, instead of 4th October, as notified earlier.

The Additional Magistrate R.S.A. Dissanayake considered the submission on behalf of the Mannar Bar Council and has instructed to notify by Registered Post to Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen to appear in the courts on 24 September.

Inter - Parliamentary Union's (IPU) appoints Queen's Counsel Mark Trowell to observe proceedings in cases against Minister Rishad Bathiudeen

Furthermore, Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen has made an appeal to the Geneva based Inter - Parliamentary Union's (IPU) expressing fear that the Bar Association of Sri Lanka having pre-judged the incident without calling for a full and fair investigation, held a nationwide boycott of judicial proceedings.

The minister also said the Bar Association, even before any investigation has resolved at a hastily summoned ex-co meeting that his conduct amounted to 'contempt of court' ignoring altogether his side of the events.

The Geneva-based Inter - Parliamentary Union's (IPU) Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians informed the Sri Lankan Parliament that the committee assigned Queen's Counsel Mark Trowell to visit Sri Lanka and observe proceedings in cases instituted against Industry and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen.

The assignment of Trowell, QC by the IPU follows representations to the IPU by Bathiyutheen of attempts by pro-LTTE groups in the North to falsely implicate him in demonstrations in Mannar.

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