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Articles from Asian News International (December 3, 2008)

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"99acres Insite": A realty report showcases trends across top Indian cities over past year. 1013
"Brit Muslims have become a mainstay of the global 'jihad'". 529
"E Nose" to sniff out harmful chemicals on International Space Station. 433
"Fatwa banning yoga in Malaysia not yet in effect". 304
"Foreign militants entering Balochistan via Pak-Afghan border". 194
"Hum Paanch" election booth in Ladakh. Company overview 309
"I'm not special", says 100-Test Oz veteran Hayden. 361
"India would make Pak barren by 2014 by stopping river waters". 319
"Indian spy agencies failed due to their "overwhelming focus" on Pak terror groups". 429
"ISI's political wing not yet terminated, only made inactive". 225
"Krezja can bowl for next decade if keeps private life in order". 324
"Laws have failed to contain 'radicalisation' in Pakistan". 316
"Local gangs assisting Pak Taiban in NWFP". 233
"Mohammad Asif merely spreading rumours of being approached by ICL". 296
"Mumbai terror strikes will leave 9/11-like effects in India". 191
"Muslims world over seeing Obama as an 'internationalist president'". 328
"Now Qaeda's target is Pak, not Iraq". 132
"Obama will not meddle into K-issue as it may affect smooth Indo-US ties". 384
"Oetzi the iceman" may have carried his own first aid kit. 357
"Osama's driver to be moved to native Yemen from Guantanamo Bay". 209
"Pak Taliban to target Zardari, his allies". 136
"Rauf killing proves US has a sharp intelligence in Pak". 419
"Screaming mummy" could be murderous son of Pharaoh Ramses III. 449
"Shahid Afridi more of a liability than a utility". 295
"Shoaib Akhtar not finished yet". 261
"Situation in Pak 'more dire' than Afghanistan". 286
"Taliban, Al Qaeda no aliens to Pak soil". 198
"Terror-struck India's sneezing, world cricket catching pneumonia". 387
"Unlike Bush, Obama regime not to push Pak for its anti-terror support". 425
"Unshaken" Warne says he was "very very lucky" to have escaped death in Mumbai. 242
"Waterproof" rice to tackle crop loss in India. 417
"Zardari's vision of passport-free travel is not feasible". 111
'Actor robots' make theatrical debut in Japan. 268
'Angry' Kanye West believes MTV Awards were 'fixed'. 172
'Armed police would not fire back. - I wish I'd had a gun, not a camera'. 449
'Australian Sex Party' soon to be introduced to Oz politics. 377
'Bankrupt' Kerry Katona may lose her home. 430
'Barcode chip' developed for cheap, fast blood tests. 691
'British Fritzl' being probed over other unsolved sex attacks. 268
'British Josef Fritzl' who made daughters pregnant 19 times gets 25 life terms. 253
'British Josef Fritzl' who made daughters pregnant 19 times to be sentenced. 271
'Buffling' is the new way of doing business. 193
'Cascading effect' of adverse childhood experiences can spur teen violence. 255
'Cereals' is the only meal Jolie can whip up, says Brad Pitt. 164
'Citizen Kane' tops French magazine's 'Best 100 Movies' list. 214
'Coast Guards had intelligence about use of sea to attack Mumbai'. 315
'Cure' for Indian 'werewolf boy' found. 258
'Cyclone Nisha' wrecks havoc across Tamilnadu. 238
'Deep resentment' by younger Pak armymen towards US hurting war-on-terror. 489
'Desperate Housewife' Nicollette Sheridan romancing David Spade? 161
'Desperate' Diddy's audition tape in quest of first black James Bond. 177
'Etta James' role helped Beyonce learn more about herself. 145
'Fish technology' developed to draw affordable renewable energy from water currents. 608
'For men, the penis is the window to the heart'. 307
'Free Tibet' tag on woolen clothes for sale in Lucknow. 328
'Healthy life years' matter more than life expectancy after 50. 316
'Hospital on a Chip' may revolutionise battlefield wound treatment. 288
'Hot spots' in space that bombard Earth with cosmic rays identified. 392
'In The Bleak Midwinter' tops 'Best Christmas Carol' poll. 175
'Lame duck' Bush still has the power to pardon Thanksgiving turkeys. 354
'Love rat' Gordon Ramsay slammed by fans for bad TV performance. 258
'Love rat' Gordon Ramsay tops 'Britain's Sexiest Male Celebrity Chef' poll. 202
'Mass executions' taking place in North Korean prisons. 219
'Mumbai carnage could provoke violence in S Asia'. 314
'Noddy' to celebrate 60th Birthday with a book. 200
'O54MA' car no. plate banned in UK over 'OSAMA' resemblance. 221
'Pak army to be trained in accordance with conditions in FATA'. 231
'Pak involvement in Mumbai attacks very provocative for India, if proved'. 334
'Ramsay's mistress wanted to see Cowell to further her career'. 177
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak 'not posing for Playboy'. 165
'Sex on Dubai beach' Brit couple's jail sentences suspended. 228
'Slumdog Millionaire' director pays tribute to Mumbai at film awards. 223
'Ten of the Worst Selling Celebrity Autobiographies' revealed. 218
'Text for a gag' service's racist joke angers Muslim student. 298
'The Dark Knight' just days away from the billion dollar-mark. 191
'The Rules' book for heartbroken Jennifer Aniston. 229
'Thinking outside the box' voted Britain's 'Most Despised Business Jargon'. 311
'Top of the Pops' to return to BBC as public service. 378
'Twilight' makes one of the largest presales in Hollywood's history. 193
'Twilight' sets new record for biggest opening weekend for a female-directed film. 248
'Twilight' tops weekend box office. 194
'Twilight' vampire Robert Pattinson driving girls crazy. 191
'Two-headed' antibody-like molecule may help slow cancer progression. 459
'Undesirable' gay men likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour. 241
'Upset' Peaches Geldof gets 'peachy' with another man. 152
`Boom Boom' Becker was dumped by `Game, Set and Match SMS. 220
`Pakistan has raised the tiger which they are unable to ride now,' says Farooq. 430
`We will defeat terrorism and overcome poverty,' says Rahul Gandhi. 303
`You could feel the heat of the fire,' says woman who was trapped in Taj Hotel. 388
007 movie 'Quantum of Solace' tops weekend box office. 186
007 Pinewood Studio infested by scorpions. 231
1,000-year-old miniature pagoda may hold top part of Buddha's skull. 213
10-ton 'space rock' caused fireball in Western Canada on November 20. 441
100 new roman artifacts discovered in Macedonia. 179
101 Indian prisoners released by Pakistan cross Wagah Border. 249
1019 honour killings in Pak in three years. 200
101yr-old 'impoverished' woman shocks all leaving 1.7M pounds in will! 494
10pct Brit kids suffer abuse, say experts. 445
11 killed in Kashmir road mishap. 138
11,000 alien species have invaded Europe. 251
12yr-old who has been arrested 40 times this year finally locked up. 265
13,000 people wrongly branded as criminals in the UK. 359
130,000 'boobs' go missing in Oz high seas! 167
14-year-old Dakota Fanning defends rape scene in new film. 202
15 suspected Taliban operatives killed in Swat. 186
150 Oz witnesses likely to testify against `Dr. Death'. 229
15th century bronze statue of David slaying Goliath gets makeover. 334
16-year age difference makes no difference in Moore-Kutcher love. 158
17month-old's brain repaired with superglue in U.S. 408
1815 identical watches fetch record A[pounds sterling]1.45m at auction. 136
18th-century masterpiece found in attic may fetch 900,000 pounds. 121
2 new compounds may help destroy breast cancer tumours. 260
2,900-year-old Welsh fort digitally recreated through 3D model. 423
2005 Ashes hero Jones bins crutches, eyes 2009 contest. 219
24 more dead bodies retrieved from Trident-Oberoi hotel, one terrorist arrested. 196
25 years of Appiko, a green movement to save trees in Karnataka. 582
25pct Oz teens have experienced domestic violence. 273
25pct UK school kids 'bullied for their beliefs'. 214
3 km deep wells could help predict future earthquakes in China. 329
3,000-year-old burial ground discovered in Iran. 164
39th IFFI to host Wong Kar Wai retrospective in association with Palador. 286
3yr-old mini-Barack Obama wants to be UK's first black PM. 197
3yr-old Oz kids watch TV more than 9 hrs a week. 305
4 million toppling dominoes set new world record. 196
400yr-old Christmas ritual banned in English county. 136
44-year-old stripper sues club for age discrimination. 139
50 Cent hopes Obama would help end black-white Hollywood divide. 165
50 to 60 percent turn out recorded in 3rd phase of J-K poll. 388
55 per cent turnout in first phase of J-K polls. 524
6 killed in first suspected US drone strike outside FATA. 170
61yr-old sprays teenage intruder in the nude. 396
63yr-old Brit heart patient chases lorry for 20 miles after it clips his home. 458
64 per cent turnout in Madhya Pradesh polls. 279
66pc of Brit women think it's better to divorce than stay in unhappy marriage. 318
75 percent of Brits unable to name Great Britain's three countries. 205
76 percent of American middle-class families financially insecure. 310
8 foreigners dead in Mumbai terror attack: Home Ministry. 289
86yr-old braves freezing cold after getting scooter stuck in mud for 16hrs! 580
9 mins, 36 secs of gossip, weather and news make the perfect phone call! 347
90-year-old stone 'note' revealed to be written by Canadian soldier. 368
93 hostages rescued from terror-struck Trident-Oberoi hotel. 523
A Brit hero who broke his back while escaping from Mumbai terrorists. 528
A Dehradun school where students recite Quran and Hanuman Chalisa. 305
A grand symphony of classical string instrument in Noida. 337
A heart-rending story of a recent blast victim's family from Assam. 366
A septuagenarian saving the legacy of Meghalaya's traditional instruments. 296
A-Rod 'makes room' for both Madge and family for Thanksgiving. 125
A-Rod 'will spend Thanksgiving with family, not Madge'. 201
Aberglaslyn Pass tops 'Britain's Best View' poll. 188
Abu Salem produced in Delhi court. 289
Achuthanandan apologises for derogatory remarks on slain commando's family. 335
Acid attacks commonly used to terrorise Pak women. 246
Actress Brooke Satchwell angry at Oz Government's response to Mumbai attacks. 263
Acupuncture 'does not boost women's chances of conceiving through IVF'. 463
ADHD drugs do not cause genetic damage in kids. 404
Advani appeals for unity and communal harmony. 229
Advani appeals to Ghaziabad voters to elect Rajnath Singh by record margin. 159
Advani blames Maharashtra Government for Mumbai terror strikes. 233
Advani reschedules Mumbai visit, likely to go with PM. 308
Advani says PM's 100-day roadmap to fight terror distressing. 243
Afghan pavilion at Indian Trade Fair attracts hordes of visitors. 478
African witch doctor offered VS Naipaul to put curse on his biographers. 243
After losing battle to White House, Republicans now aim for new economic agenda. 330
Agenda of democracy in Pak still in an unfinished state: Aitzaz. 374
Aggression is paying off: Srikkanth. 280
Agra farmers continue to grow potato despite low prices. 292
Agra's tourism industry hit by recession. 397
Aid workers pull out of Peshawar as Islamists hold city to ransom. 264
AIMF president terms Mumbai terror attacks as cowardice act of anti-Islamic persons. 330
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to attend Live Earth concert in Mumbai on Dec. 7. 170
Aishwarya Rai enjoyed screen space with Hollywood actor in Pink Panther. 174
ak N-scientist Dr AQ Khan files petition against his detention. 199
Akamai's "State of the Internet" report indicates growing Internet penetration in India. 656
Akari uncovers secrets of the cold and dusty Universe. 368
Akon keen to give Prince Harry rap lessons. 150
Al Qaeda can take over Pakistan's Punjab province: SAFMA. 256
Al Qaeda could soon be on decline, having alienated Muslim supporters. 344
Alan Rickman felt 'sick and sad' after doing sex scenes in 'Nobel Son'. 150
Alcohol sponsorship promotes hazardous drinking in sportsmen. 301
Alcoholics lie to their GPs about the amount they drink. 178
Alec Baldwin says kissing Jennifer Aniston was 'painful'! 179
Alessandra Ambrosio gave up sweet treats to win back pre-pregnancy figure. 165
All arrangements for first phase of polls in J-K put in place: Chief Electoral Officer. 375
All Test players must address over rate crisis: Ponting. 298
Allan Border warns players against writing books triggering controversies. 239
America Ferrera set to act in Iraq war film. 110
America waits in anticipation for Obama's possible tech czar. 406
America's new space program to cost less and have international outlook. 445
American influence will fade by 2025: NIC report. 470
American tax payers ready to let Big Three automakers go under. 282
Amy Winehouse 'meets divorce lawyers to split from hubby'. 163
Amy Winehouse back in hospital after screaming row with hubby. 218
Amy Winehouse blasts X Factor judges except Cheryl Cole. 270
Amy Winehouse caught stumbling through rubble. 197
Amy Winehouse tells pals her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is over. 226
Amy Winehouse's beehive hairdo voted 'Worst Celebrity Hairstyle'. 121
Amy Winehouse's hubby Fielder-Civil denies affair with blonde model. 223
An Aussie pilot reveals how he saved 30 in a Mumbai restaurant. 582
An average worker wastes an hour on emails, shows research. 176
Anand Jon convicted of sexual assaults. 144
Anand Sharma to open seminar on India engaging with a resurgent Africa. 489
Ancient Peruvians ate well, suggests evidence from prehistoric teeth. 433
Ancient Turkish temple might be the birthplace of civilization. 418
Andre Tchaikovsky's distracting skull will no longer be used in Hamlet. 287
Andrew Sachs' granddaughter says Brand's prank call made her famous. 151
Angelina Jolie says her acting days may be numbered. 202
Angelina Jolie says life's 'beautiful' with kids and Brad Pitt. 211
Angelina Jolie slams pregnancy claims. 114
Angelina Jolie wears pee soaked dresses on the red carpet! 208
Angelina Jolie would make a 'fantastic' Catwoman, says Aaron Eckhart. 104
Angelina Jolie's struggle while breastfeeding twins. 112
Angelina replaces Tom Cruise in spy flick 'Edwin A. Salt'. 209
Angelina says 'Changeling' nearly prevented her from trying for another baby. 203
Animals developed eyes for seeking light (Lead:Animals). 421
Animals developed eyes for seeking light. 421
Aniston rejects Mayer's 'marriage proposal'. 236
Annik expands operations to China. 417
Anorexia impairs bone development in teens, shows study. 320
Another 'Fritzl' raped his daughter 1,000 times. 170
Another critic slams Kidman's role in 'Australia'. 172
Anti-ageing creams 'don't work'. 364
Anti-tobacco ads should either scare or disgust viewers: Study. 346
Antibiotics make up single largest class of drugs causing liver injury. 346
Anticonvulsant found to block drug-seeking behaviour. 562
Antiques Roadshow viewer makes 'Au1m find'. 213
Antony meets three services chiefs, reviews terror threat from air. 230
Antony releases Defence Ministry's new Security Manual. 177
Anxiety patients overestimate their physiological problems. 305
Apollo hospitals group and NDTV good times launch "Touching Lives". 419
Apple withdraws iPhone ad over speed claims. 435
Aquarobics during pregnancy 'make childbirth more bearable'. 283
Arab world wary of `Secretary of State' Hillary Clinton. 373
Archaeological dig unearths sculptures dating back to the Stone Age. 365
Archaeologists discover 3,000 yr old embalmed corpse of Iranian king. 207
Archaeologists discover new pyramid in Egypt. 427
Archaeologists discover portal to "Mayan hell" in Mexico. 412
Archaeologists discover rare Bronze Age amber necklace in Greater Manchester. 237
Archaeologists find 300-yr-old bowl fragment in Belfast. 334
Archaeologists make a record find of oracle bones in China. 379
Archaeologists uncover 2,700 historic features along Hadrian's Wall in England. 297
Archaeologists uncover medieval Bishop's palace in England. 372
Archeologists find clues about life of ancient Iranians. 200
Architects and engineers to change the face of Mecca. 381
Arctic undergoing rapid change due to climate change, pollution and human activity. 335
Are Jude Law, Sadie Frost heading for reconciliation? 277
Aretha Franklin want to give Smokey role to Terrence Howard. 130
Arjun Singh opens children's Assembly. 281
Arjun Singh to inaugurate 'National Children's Assembly and Integration Camp'. 274
Armless Chinese man caught driving car with legs. 192
Army's Operation Sangam for children of terrorism affected areas of J-K. 262
Arnie may do a cameo in 'Conan' remake. 160
Around 70 percent turnout in Mizoram Assembly polls. 410
Arrested terrorist confirms that plans included reducing Taj Hotel to rubble. 345
Arrested terrorist says gang hoped to get away. 580
Arsenal's Gallas stripped of captaincy, told he can leave club. 197
Arsenal's Wenger offers axed Gallas a shock recall. 166
Asda enrages shoppers by playing song with 16 "f*** you" swear words! 133
Ashley Dupre of the Eliot Spitzer scandal to break silence on '20/20'. 262
Ashton Kutcher injured during football game. 148
Asian rights body urges BIMSTEC to reject Myanmar as chair. 297
Aspirin may cut prostate cancer risk. 317
Assam Government takes new measures to stop infiltration. 198
Assam Police nab top ULFA leader. 111
Asteroid may have caused New York tsunami 2,300 years ago. 351
Asteroid may have shut down Mars' magnetic field. 420
Astra Microwave wins Rs. 570 million order from Israel's ELTA Systems. 247
Astronomers claim discovery of planet near Beta Pictoris star. 442
Astronomers detect rare explosion of binary star inside planetary nebula. 431
Astronomers discover 'missing link' in galaxy evolution. 437
At 65, Prince Charles 'will become King'. 261
At least 16 feared blinded after attending a free eye camp in Bikaner. 327
At-risk teens and young adults more likely to engage in anal intercourse. 474
Atlantic Ocean observatory to solve mysterious irregularity of Earth's magnetic field. 420
Atlantis opens in Dubai with most expensive launch party in history. 230
Atomic Kitten would've bedded Hugh Hefner had he been 20 years younger! 134
Attending religious services 'cuts death risk by almost 20 percent'. 310
Aussie beer beats UK to bag top prize at international competition. 246
Aussie man tries to trick Medicare with gynaecology, obstetric bills for himself! 157
Australia fined for slow over-rate in Brisbane Test. 229
Australia still world's number one team despite India thrashing: Warne. 324
Australia's Johnson breaks into Reliance Mobile ICC Test bowlers top ten ranking. 205
Australia's Johnson jumps 18 places in Test bowlers' rankings. 428
Australia's new work policy to battle recession - one warning and you're fired! 272
Australia, New Zealand likely to host 2011 cricket world cup. 467
Australian doctor held for paedophilia in Orissa. 307
Author names Lindsay top 'Celebrity Love Junkie' in book. 127
Author Rachel Johnson bags 'Bad Sex in Fiction' award. 288
Autumn-born babies 'more likely to get asthma'. 366
Awareness campaign organized in Kolkata on World Diabetes Day. 363
Axl Rose blamed for band missing No 1 album. 252
Axl Rose wants soft drink firm to apologize over soda giveaway botch-up. 200
Bacon flavoured chocolate bar a hit with Brit customers. 223
Bacteria may serve as future bio-robots for disease diagnosis. 203
Bacteria that can spoil raw milk even at low temperatures identified. 272
Bacterial infections peak during summer season. 406
Bad cholesterol inhibits breakdown of fat in cells. 275
Ballesteros out of ICU after brain tumor surgery. 157
Ballesteros recovering in hospital after fourth brain operation. 154
Ban on fast food TV ads can cut childhood obesity risk. 297
Bangalore cobbler wants to be famous with miniature shoes. 456

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