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Asian Center for Women's Studies: Politicizing imagery and representation of Muslim womanhood: reflections on the Islamic headscarf controversy in Turkey.

This article seeks to expand our understanding of gender as a contested subject in the context of the secularist-Islamist rift by examining the Islamic headscarf controversy, which has become a major symbolic point of contention in the cultural politics of Turkish society. The strategic construction and propagation of the images of the "modern woman" as an integral part of the project of modernity by the secular republic and the reactive Islamist movement to restore the gendered practices that agree with Islamic normative principles are documented and analyzed, followed by reports from in-depth interviews with women who adhere to the Islamic dress code.

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Title Annotation:Abstracts
Author:Pak, Soon-Yong
Publication:Women and Language
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:7TURK
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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