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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (January 1, 2020)

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A double-labeling marker-based method for estimating inbreeding and parental genomic components in a population under conservation. Li, Wenting; Zhang, Mengmeng; Wang, Kejun; Lu, Yunfeng; Tang, Hui; Wu, Keliang 5366
Administration of encapsulated L-tryptophan improves duodenal starch digestion and increases gastrointestinal hormones secretions in beef cattle. Lee, Sang-Bum; Lee, Kyung-Won; Wang, Tao; Lee, Jae-Sung; Jung, U-Suk; Nejad, Jalil Ghassemi; Oh, You 6932
Catalytic properties of wheat phytase that favorably degrades long-chain inorganic polyphosphate. An, Jeongmin; Cho, Jaiesoon 2983
Characteristics of proteolytic microorganisms and their effects on proteolysis in total mixed ration silages of soybean curd residue. Hao, Wei; Tian, Pengjiao; Zheng, Mingli; Wang, Huili; Xu, Chuncheng 10157
Chemical-nutritional characteristics and aromatic profile of milk and related dairy products obtained from goats fed with extruded linseed. Bennato, Francesca; Ianni, Andrea; Innosa, Denise; Grotta, Lisa; D'Onofrio, Andrea; Martino, Giusepp 7100
Comparison of in vitro digestibility and chemical composition among four crop straws treated by Pleurotus ostreatus. Nie, Haitao; Wang, Ziyu; You, Jihao; Zhu, Gang; Wang, Hengchang; Wang, Feng 8117
Comparison of meat quality, fatty acid composition and aroma volatiles of dry-aged beef from Hanwoo cows slaughtered at 60 or 80 months old. Utama, Dicky Tri; Kim, Yeong Jong; Jeong, Hae Seong; Kim, Juntae; Barido, Farouq Heidar; Lee, Sung K 7035
Dietary supplementation with combined extracts from garlic (Allium sativum), brown seaweed (Undariapinnatifida), and pinecone (Pinus koraiensis) improves milk production in Holstein cows under heat stress conditions. Lee, Jae-Sung; Kang, Sukyung; Kim, Min-Jeong; Han, Sung-Gu; Lee, Hong-Gu 7407
Effect of different fat and protein levels in calf ration on performance of Sahiwal calves. Sharma, Bharti; Nimje, Prapti; Tomar, S.K.; Dey, Dipak; Mondal, Santu; Kundu, S.S. 6670
Effects of dietary supplementation with Pediococcus acidilactici ZPA017 on reproductive performance, fecal microbial flora and serum indices in sows during late gestation and lactation. Liu, Hui; Wang, Sixin; Zhang, Dongyan; Wang, Jing; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Yamin; Ji, Haifeng 5182
Effects of low-dose organic trace minerals on performance, mineral status, and fecal mineral excretion of sows. Ma, Lianxiang; He, Junna; Lu, Xintao; Qiu, Jialing; Hou, Chuanchuan; Liu, Bing; Lin, Gang; Yu, Dongy 5315
Effects of puerarin on the Akt signaling pathway in bovine preadipocyte differentiation. Yun, Jinyan; Yu, Yongsheng; Zhou, Guoli; Luo, Xiaotong; Jin, Haiguo; Zhao, Yumin; Cao, Yang Report 4673
Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the effects of grape seed procyanidin on rumen archaeal communities in vitro. Zhang, Hua; Tong, Jinjin; Wang, Zun; Xiong, Benhai; Jiang, Linshu 5227
L-arginine and N-carbamoylglutamic acid supplementation enhance young rabbit growth and immunity by regulating intestinal microbial community. Sun, Xiaoming; a; Shen, Jinglin; Liu, Chang; Li, Sheng; Peng, Yanxia; Chen, Chengzhen; Yuan, Bao; Ga 7589
Metabolomics reveals potential biomarkers in the rumen fluid of dairy cows with different levels of milk production. Zhang, Hua; Tong, Jinjin; Zhang, Yonghong; Xiong, Benhai; Jiang, Linshu 6202
Nutritional and performance viability of cactus Opuntia-based diets with different concentrate levels for Girolando lactating dairy cows. Inacio, Jonas Gomes; da Conceicao, Maria Gabriela; dos Santos, Djalma Cordeiro; de Oliveira, Julio C 7006
Prof. In Kyu Han. Ha, Jong Kyu 761
Quality comparison of retorted Samgyetang made from white semi-broilers, commercial broilers, Korean native chickens, and old laying hens. Jeong, Hae Seong; Utama, Dicky Tri; Kim, Juntae; Barido, Farouq Heidar; Lee, Sung Ki 6558
Relationship between inclusion level of Vachellia tortilis leaf meal and behavioral activities of finishing pigs. Thabethe, Fortune; Khanyile, Mbongeni; Ncobela, Cyprial Ndumiso; Chimonyo, Michael 6249
Relationship of mineral elements in sheep grazing in the highland agro-ecosystem. Fan, Qingshan; Wang, Zhaofeng; Chang, Shenghua; Peng, Zechen; Wanapat, Metha; Bowatte, Saman; Hou, F 8312
The effect of finishing diet supplemented with methionine/lysine and methionine/[alpha]-tocopherol on performance, carcass traits and meat quality of Hanwoo steers. Barido, Farouq Heidar; Utama, Dicky Tri; Jeong, Hae Seong; Kim, Juntae; Lee, Chang Woo; Park, Yeon S 7710
Unforeseen enemy: African swine fever. Yun, Cheol-Heui 1774

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