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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (February 1, 2020)

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Augmenting yogurt quality attributes through hydrocolloidal gums. Rafiq, Lubna; Zahoor, Tahir; Sagheer, Ambreen; Khalid, Nazia; Rahman, Ubaid Ur; Liaqat, Atif 6954
Effect of dietary sesame (Sesame indicum L) seed meal level supplemented with lysine and phytase on performance traits and antioxidant status of late-phase laying hens. Baghban-Kanani, Payam; Hosseintabar-Ghasemabad, Babak; Azimi-Youvalari, Saba; Seidavi, Alireza; Laud 6765
Effect of including n-3/n-6 fatty acid feed sources in diet on fertility and hatchability of broiler breeders and post-hatch performance and carcass parameters of progeny. Saber, Seyyed Naeim; Kutlu, Hasan Rustu 6172
Effects of absorbents on growth performance, blood profiles and liver gene expression in broilers fed diets naturally contaminated with aflatoxin. Liu, J.B.; Yan, H.L.; Cao, S.C.; Hu, Y.D.; Zhang, H.F. 8798
Effects of lactic acid bacteria inoculation in pre-harvesting period on fermentation and feed quality properties of alfalfa silage. Ertekin, Ibrahim; Kizilsimsek, Mustafa 8295
Effects of particle size and lipid form of corn on energy and nutrient digestibility in diets for growing pigs. Lyu, Zhiqian; Wang, Lu; Wu, Yifan; Huang, Chengfei 6932
Evaluation of the genetic structure of indigenous Okinawa Agu pigs using microsatellite markers. Tourna, Shihei; Arakawa, Aisaku; Oikawa, Takuro 4095
Genetics of heifer reproductive traits in Japanese Black cattle. Setiaji, Asep; Oikawa, Takuro 4506
Genome-wide DNA methylation pattern in a mouse model reveals two novel genes associated with Staphylococcus aureus mastitis. Wang, Di; Wei, Yiyuan; Shi, Liangyu; Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Fan, Lijun; Wang, Yachun; Yu, Ying 5730
Impact of wilting and additives on fermentation quality and carbohydrate composition of mulberry silage. Zhang, Ying Chao; Wang, Xue Kai; Li, Dong Xia; Lin, Yan Li; Yang, Fu Yu; Ni, Kui Kui 7811
Influence of freeze-dried acid whey addition on biogenic amines formation in a beef and deer dry fermented sausages without added nitrite. Kononiuk, Anna D.; Karwowska, Malgorzata 5338
Moderate tetrabasic zinc chloride supplementation improves growth performance and reduces diarrhea incidence in weaned pigs. Zhang, Gang; Xia, Tian; Zhao, Jinbiao; Liu, Ling; He, Pingli; Zhang, Shuai; Zhang, Liying Report 10460
No excessive mutations in transcription activator-like effector nuclease-mediated [alpha]-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout Yucatan miniature pigs. Choi, Kimyung; Shim, Joohyun; Ko, Nayoung; Park, Joonghoon 7883
Nutritional efficiency of feed restricted F1 Holstein/Zebu cows during the middle third of lactation. Santana, Pedro Felipe; Junior, Vicente Ribeiro Rocha; Ruas, Jose Reinaldo Mendes; Moncao, Flavio Pin 7754
Physiological impact on layer chickens fed corn distiller's dried grains with solubles naturally contaminated with deoxynivalenol. Wickramasuriya, Samiru Sudharaka; Macelline, Shemil Priyan; Kim, Eunjoo; Cho, Hyun Min; Shin, Taeg K Report 7936
Relationship among porcine lncRNA TCONS_00010987, miR-323, and leptin receptor based on dual luciferase reporter gene assays and expression patterns. Ding, Yueyun; Qian, Li; Wang, Li; Wu, Chaodong; Li, DengTao; Zhang, Xiaodong; Yin, Zongjun; Wang, Yu 5665
Replacement of corn with rice grains did not alter growth performance and rumen fermentation in growing Hanwoo steers. Yang, Sungjae; Kim, Byeongwoo; Kim, Hanbeen; Moon, Joonbeom; Yoo, Daekyum; Baek, Youl-Chang; Lee, Se 4757
Selection signature reveals genes associated with susceptibility loci affecting respiratory disease due to pleiotropic and hitchhiking effect in Chinese indigenous pigs. Shittu; Ma, Pei-Pei; Zhang, Xiang-Zhe; Wang, Qi-Shan; Pan, Yu-Chun 6283
Sensory profile and technological characterization of boneless dry-cured ham with lactulose added as a prebiotic. Gomes, Hewerton Barbosa; Rodrigues, Lorena Mendes; Massingue, Armando Abel; Lima, Italo Abreu; de Le 6302
Transdifferentiation of bovine epithelial cells towards adipocytes in the presence of myoepithelium. Sugathan, Subi; Lee, Sung-Jin; Shiwani, Supriya; Singh, Naresh Kumar 5847

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