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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (May 1, 2019)

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Chicken novel leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamilies B1 and B3 are transcriptional regulators of major histocompatibility complex class I genes and signaling pathways. Truong, Anh Duc; Hong, Yeojin; Lee, Janggeun; Lee, Kyungbaek; Tran, Ha Thi Thanh; Dang, Hoang Vu; Ng 9516
Comparative study of thermal gelation properties and molecular forces of actomyosin extracted from normal and pale, soft and exudative-like chicken breast meat. Li, Ke; Liu, Jun-Ya; Fu, Lei; Zhao, Ying-Ying; Bai, Yan-Hong Report 9070
Effect of different short-term high ambient temperature on chicken meat quality and ultra-structure. Zhang, Minghao; Zhu, Lixian; Zhang, Yimin; Mao, Yanwei; Zhang, Mingyue; Dong, Pengcheng; Niu, Lebao; 7417
Effect of reduced energy density of close-up diets on metabolites, lipolysis and gluconeogenesis in Holstein cows. Huang, Wenming; Wang, Libin; Li, Shengli; Cao, Zhijun 6558
Effects of a tunnel ventilation system within the tie-stall barn environment upon the productivity of dairy cattle during the winter season. Sarentonglaga, Borjigin; Sugiyama, Tatsuhiro; Fukumori, Rika; Nagao, Yoshikazu 5788
Effects of ambient temperature and rumen-protected fat supplementation on growth performance, rumen fermentation and blood parameters during cold season in Korean cattle steers. Kang, Hyeok Joong; Piao, Min Yu; Park, Seung Ju; Na, Sang Weon; Kim, Hyun Jin; Baik, Myunggi 6205
Effects of diet and roughage quality, and period of the day on diurnal feeding behaviour patterns of sheep and goats under subtropical conditions. Moyo, Mehluli; Adebayo, Rasheed Adekunle; Nsahlai, Ignatius Verla 12588
Effects of dietary humic acid and enzymes on meat quality and fatty acid profiles of broiler chickens fed canola-based diets. Disetlhe, Amogelang R.P.; Marume, Upenyu; Mlambo, Victor; Hugo, Arno 7888
Fermentation characteristics, chemical composition and microbial community of tropical forage silage under different temperatures. Li, Dongxia; Ni, Kuikui; Zhang, Yingchao; Lin, Yanli; Yang, Fuyu 7129
Gallic acid caused cultured mice TM4 Sertoli cells apoptosis and necrosis. Li, Wanhong; Yue, Xiangpeng; Li, Fadi 4018
Genome-wide association study for intramuscular fat content in Chinese Lulai black pigs. Wang, Yanping; Ning, Chao; Wang, Cheng; Guo, Jianfeng; Wang, Jiying; Wu, Ying 4056
Graded levels of phytase on performance, bone mineralization and carcass traits of broiler fed reduced dicalcium phosphate. de Freitas, Henrique Barbosa; Nascimento, Karina Marcia Ribeiro de Souza; Kiefer, Charles; Gomes, Gi 8414
Indoor distribution characteristics of airborne bacteria in pig buildings as influenced by season and housing type. Kim, Ki Youn; Ko, Han Jong 3845
Relationship between saliva and blood cortisol in handled cows. Dzviti, Melody; Mapfumo, Lizwell; Muchenje, Voster 5995
Temporal and spatial variability in the nutritive value of pasture vegetation and supplement feedstuffs for domestic ruminants in Western Kenya. Onyango, Alice Anyango; Dickhoefer, Uta; Rufino, Mariana Cristina; Butterbach- Bahl, Klaus; Goopy, J 9106

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