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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (June 1, 2019)

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A fast and reliable polymerase chain reaction method based on short interspersed nuclear elements detection for the discrimination of buffalo, cattle, goat, and sheep species in dairy products. Cosenza, Gianfranco; Iannaccone, Marco; Gallo, Daniela; Pauciullo, Alfredo 2509
Backgrounding steers on temperate grasses mixed with vetch and/or using energy supplementation. de Oliveira Lazzarotto, Eduardo Felipe Colerauz; de Menezes, Luis Fernando Glasenapp; Paris, Wagner; 5384
Changes in microbial population and chemical composition of corn stover during field exposure and effects on silage fermentation and in vitro digestibility. Sun, Lin; Wang, Zhijun; Gentu, Ge; Jia, Yushan; Hou, Meiling; Cai, Yimin 9684
Development of non-dairy creamer analogs/mimics for an alternative of infant formula using egg white, yolk, and soy proteins. Huang, Xi; Lee, Eun Joo; Ahn, Dong U. 8775
Effects of heat stress and rumen-protected fat supplementation on growth performance, rumen characteristics, and blood parameters in growing Korean cattle steers. Kang, Hyeok Joong; Piao, Min Yu; Park, Seung Ju; Na, Sang Weon; Kim, Hyun Jin; Baik, Myunggi 6419
Effects of lactic acid bacteria and molasses on fermentation dynamics, structural and nonstructural carbohydrate composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation of rice straw silage. Zhao, Jie; Dong, Zhihao; Li, Junfeng; Chen, Lei; Bai, Yunfeng; Jia, Yushan; Shao, Tao 7343
Effects of method and duration of restraint on stress hormones and meat quality in broiler chickens with different body weights. Ismail, Siti Nadirah; Awad, Elmutaz Atta; Zulkifli, Idrus; Goh, Yong Meng; Sazili, Awis Qurni 6730
Effects of non-genetically and genetically modified organism (maize-soybean) diet on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass weight, and meat quality of broiler chicken. Zhang, Song; Ao, Xiang; Kim, In Ho 4868
Effects of short-term fasting on in vivo rumen microbiota and in vitro rumen fermentation characteristics. Kim, Jong Nam; Song, Jaeyong; Kim, Eun Joong; Chang, Jongsoo; Kim, Chang-Hyun; Seo, Seongwon; Chang, 5138
Essential oil mixture on rumen fermentation and microbial community--an in vitro study. Kim, Hanbeen; Jung, Eunsang; Lee, Hyo Gun; Kim, Byeongwoo; Cho, Seongkeun; Lee, Seyoung; Kwon, Inhyu Report 4886
Feeding influences the oxidative stability of poultry meat treated with ozone. Ianni, Andrea; Grotta, Lisa; Martino, Giuseppe 4509
Growth performance, carcass and meat quality of lambs supplemented different vegetable oils. Miltko, Renata; Majewska, Malgorzata Paulina; Betzecki, Grzegorz; Kula, Katarzyna; Kowalik, Barbara 6939
In ovo feeding of creatine pyruvate alters energy metabolism in muscle of embryos and post-hatch broilers. Yang, Tong; Zhao, Minmeng; Li, Jiaolong; Zhang, Lin; Jiang, Yun; Zhou, Guanghong; Gao, Feng 6570
L-Leucine increases the daily body temperature and affords thermotolerance in broiler chicks. Han, Guofeng; Yang, Hui; Wang, Yunhao; Haraguchi, Shogo; Miyazaki, Takuro; Bungo, Takashi; Tashiro, 4851
Mixed organic acids improve nutrients digestibility, volatile fatty acids composition and intestinal microbiota in growing-finishing pigs fed high-fiber diet. Li, Miao; Long, Shenfei; Wang, Qianqian; Zhang, Lianhua; Hu, Jiangxu; Yang, Jie; Cheng, Zhibin; Piao 6204
The co-injection of antioxidants with foot-and-mouth disease vaccination altered growth performance and blood parameters of finishing Holstein steers. Seo, Jakyeom; Song, Minho; Jo, Namchul; Kim, Woonsu; Jeong, Sinyong; Kim, Jongnam; Lee, Seyoung; Seo 6818

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