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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (April 1, 2019)

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Analysis of genetic characteristics of pig breeds using information on single nucleotide polymorphisms. Lee, Sang-Min; Oh, Jae-Don; Park, Kyung-Do; Do, Kyoung-Tag Report 4967
Carcass characteristics and meat quality of purebred Pakchong 5 and crossbred pigs sired by Pakchong 5 or Duroc boar. Lertpatarakomol, Rachakris; Chaosap, Chanporn; Chaweewan, Kamon; Sitthigripong, Ronachai; Limsupavan Report 6397
Changes in expression of the autophagy-related genes microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3[beta] and autophagy related 7 in skeletal muscle of fattening Japanese Black cattle: a pilot study. Nakanishi, Tomonori; Tokunaga, Tadaaki; Ishida, Takafumi; Kobayashi, Ikuo; Katahama, Yuta; Yano, Azu Report 3847
Effects of dietary energy and crude protein levels on growth performance, blood profiles, and nutrient digestibility in weaning pigs. Fang, Lin Hu; Jin, Ying Hai; Do, Sung Ho; Hong, Jin Su; Kim, Byung Ock; Han, Tae Hee; Kim, Yoo Yong Report 6238
Effects of photoperiod on nutrient digestibility, hair follicle activity and cashmere quality in Inner Mongolia white cashmere goats. Zhang, Chong Zhi; Sun, Hai Zhou; Li, Sheng Li; Sang, Dan; Zhang, Chun Hua; Jin, Lu; Antonini, Marco; Report 5327
Enteric methane emissions, energy partitioning, and energetic efficiency of zebu beef cattle fed total mixed ration silage. Subepang, Sayan; Suzuki, Tomoyuki; Phonbumrung, Thamrongsak; Sommart, Kritapon Report 6432
Evaluation of genotype by environment interactions on milk production traits of Holstein cows in southern Brazil. Moreira, Raphael Patrick; Pinto, Luis Fernando Batista; Valloto, Altair Antonio; Pedrosa, Victor Bre Report 4804
Feeding di-ammonium phosphate as a phosphorous source in finishing lambs reduced excretion of phosphorus in feces without detrimental effects on animal performance. Koolivand, Abolfazl; Yari, Mojtaba; Khalaji, Saeed; Jonker, Arjan Report 4266
Genetic diversity of Indonesian cattle breeds based on microsatellite markers. Agung, Paskah Partogi; Saputra, Ferdy; Zein, Moch Syamsul Arifin; Wulandari, Ari Sulistyo; Putra, Wi Report 5369
Genome wide association study on feed conversion ratio using imputed sequence data in chickens. Wang, Jiaying; Yuan, Xiaolong; Ye, Shaopan; Huang, Shuwen; He, Yingting; Zhang, Hao; Li, Jiaqi; Zhan Report 4080
Hair follicle development and related gene and protein expression of skins in Rex rabbits during the first 8 weeks of life. Wu, Zhenyu; Sun, Liangzhan; Liu, Gongyan; Liu, Hongli; Liu, Hanzhong; Yu, Zhiju; Xu, Shuang; Li, Fuc Report 3892
Maternal lineage of Okinawa indigenous Agu pig inferred from mitochondrial DNA control region. Touma, Shihei; Shimabukuro, Hirotoshi; Arakawa, Aisaku; Oikawa, Takuro Report 3696
Oil supplementation improved growth and diet digestibility in goats and sheep fed fattening diet. Candyrine, Su Chui Len; Jahromi, Mohammad Faseleh; Ebrahimi, Mahdi; Chen, Wei Li; Rezaei, Siamak; Go Report 5323
Pathway enrichment and protein interaction network analysis for milk yield, fat yield and age at first calving in a Thai multibreed dairy population. Laodim, Thawee; Elzo, Mauricio A.; Koonawootrittriron, Skorn; Suwanasopee, Thanathip; Jattawa, Danai Report 7253
Potential to mitigate ammonia emission from slurry by increasing dietary fermentable fiber through inclusion of tropical byproducts in practical diets for growing pigs. Nguyen, Quan Hai; Le, Phung Dinh; Chim, Channy; Le, Ngoan Due; Fievez, Veerle Report 8415
Risk factors limiting first service conception rate in dairy cows and their economic impact. Kim, Ill Hwa; Jeong, Jae Kwan Report 5727
Soybean meal substitution by dehulled lupine (Lupinus angustifolius) with enzymes in broiler diets. Mera-Zuniga, Fredy; Pro-Martinez, Arturo; Zamora-Natera, Juan F.; Sosa-Montes, Eliseo; Guerrero-Rodr Report 7209
The effect of dietary ions difference on drinking and eating patterns in dairy goats under high ambient temperature. Nguyen, Thiet; Chanpongsang, Somchai; Chaiyabutr, Narongsak; Thammacharoen, Sumpun Report 5758

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