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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (December 1, 2018)

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Appropriate level of alfalfa hay in diets for rearing Simmental crossbred calves in dryland China. Kobayashi, Nobuyuki; Hou, Fujiang; Tsunekawa, Atsushi; Chen, Xianjiang; Yan, Tianhai; Ichinohe, Tosh Report 7626
Comparative analysis of silage fermentation and in vitro digestibility of tropical grass prepared with Acremonium and Tricoderma species producing cellulases. Khota, Waroon; Pholsen, Suradej; Higgs, David; Cai, Yimin Report 9681
Effect of inoculants and storage temperature on the microbial, chemical and mycotoxin composition of corn silage. Wang, Musen; Xu, Shengyang; Wang, Tianzheng; Jia, Tingting; Xu, Zhenzhen; Wang, Xue; Yu, Zhu Report 7395
Effect of keratinase on ileal amino acid digestibility in five feedstuff's fed to growing pigs. Huang, Chengfei; Ma, Dongli; Zang, Jianjun; Zhang, Bo; Sun, Brian; Liu, Ling; Zhang, Shuai Report 10078
Effect of microbial inoculants on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of sweet potato vine silage. Joo, Young Ho; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Paradhipta, Dimas H.V.; Lee, Hyuk Jun; Amanullah, Sardar M.; Kim, Sa Report 5193
Effects of dietary energy and lipase levels on nutrient digestibility, digestive physiology and noxious gas emission in weaning pigs. Liu, J.B.; Cao, S.C.; Liu, J.; Pu, J.; Chen, L.; Zhang, H.F. Report 8491
Effects of different creep feed types on pre-weaning and post-weaning performance and gut development. Heo, Pil Seung; Kim, Dong Hyuk; Jang, Jae Cheol; Hong, Jin Su; Kim, Yoo Yong Report 5178
Effects of different selenium sources and levels on antioxidant status in broiler breeders. Li, K.X.; Wang, J.S.; Yuan, D.; Zhao, R.X.; Wang, Y.X.; Zhan, X.A. Report 7161
Extent of linkage disequilibrium and effective population size of Korean Yorkshire swine. Shin, Donghyun; Won, Kyeong-Hye; Kim, Sung-Hoon; Kim, Yong-Min Report 5039
Fatty acid compositions, free radical scavenging activities, and antioxidative enzyme activities of high-preference and low-preference beef cuts of Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae) cows. Moon, Sang-Ho; Kim, Eun-Kyung; Jang, Se Young; Tang, Yujiao; Seong, Hye-Jin; Yun, Yeong Sik; Chung, Report 5254
Genetic diversity of Saudi native chicken breeds segregating for naked neck and frizzle genes using microsatellite markers. Fathi, Moataz; El-Zarei, Mohamed; Al-Homidan, Ibrahim; Abou-Emera, Osama Report 5550
Growth, carcass traits, cecal microbial counts, and blood chemistry of meat-type quail fed diets supplemented with humic acid and black cumin seeds. Arif, Muhammad; Rehman, Abdur; El-Hack, Mohamed E. Abd; Saeed, Muhammad; Khan, Fateh; Akhtar, Muhamm Report 6961
In silico approaches to discover the functional impact of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in selective sweep regions of the Landrace genome. Shin, Donghyun; Won, Kyung-Hye; Song, Ki-Duk Report 8238
Investigation of blood biomarkers related to meat quality and quantity in Hanwoo steers. Moon, Yea Hwang; Cho, Woong Ki; Lee, Sung Sill Author abstract 5102
New roughage source of Pennisetum purpureum cv. Mahasarakham utilization for ruminants feeding under global climate change. Mapato, Chaowarit; Wanapat, Metha Report 4991
The effect of nutrition and body condition of triplet-bearing ewes during late pregnancy on the behaviour of ewes and lambs. Gronqvist, Gabriella V.; Corner-Thomas, Rene A.; Kenyon, Paul R.; Stafford, Kevin J.; Morris, Stephe Report 8679
The identification of novel regions for reproduction trait in Landrace and Large White pigs using a single step genome-wide association study. Suwannasing, Rattikan; Duangjinda, Monchai; Boonkum, Wuttigrai; Taharnklaew, Rutjawate; Tuangsithtan Report 7307
The influence of a first-order antedependence model and hyperparameters in BayesC[pi] for genomic prediction. Li, Xiujin; Liu, Xiaohong; Chen, Yaosheng Report 6989

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