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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (June 1, 2017)

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Behaviors and body weight of suckling piglets in different social environments. Hong, Joon-Ki; Kim, Ki-Hyun; Hwang, Hyun-Su; Lee, Jae-Kang; Eom, Tae-Kyung; Rhim, Shin-Jae 3524
Carcass characteristics and meat quality of lambs that are fed diets with palm kernel cake. dos Santos, Rozilda da Conceicao; Gomes, Daiany Iris; Alves, Kaliandra Souza; Mezzomo, Rafael; Olive 5403
Characteristics of isolated lactic acid bacteria and their effects on the silage quality. Wang, Siran; Yuan, Xianjun; Dong, Zhihao; Li, Junfeng; Guo, Gang; Bai, Yunfeng; Zhang, Junyu; Shao, 6089
Comparative effects of corn-based diet and phase-fed cassava-based diet on growth rate, carcass characteristics and lipid profile of meat-type ducks. Saree, Saowalak; Bunchasak, Chaiyapoom; Rakangtong, Choawit; Sakdee, Jessada; Krutthai, Nuttawut; Po 4553
Detection of superior genotype of fatty acid synthase in Korean native cattle by an environment-adjusted statistical model. Lee, Jea-Young; Oh, Dong-Yep; Kim, Hyun-Ji; Jang, Gab-Sue; Lee, Seung-Uk 5602
Dietary fat preference and effects on performance of piglets at weaning. Weng, Ruey-Chee 7767
Differentially expressed serum proteins associated with calcium regulation and hypocalcemia in dairy cows. Shu, Shi; Bai, Yunlong; Wang, Gang; Xiao, Xinhuan; Fan, Ziling; Zhang, Jiang; Zhao, Chang; Zhao, Yan 5495
Effects of different methionine sources on production and reproduction performance, egg quality and serum biochemical indices of broiler breeders. Xiao, Xue; Wang, Yongxia; Liu, Weilong; Ju, Tingting; Zhan, Xiuan 4245
Effects of fungal (Lentinussajor-caju) treated oil palm frond on performance and carcass characteristics in finishing goats. Chanjula, Pin; Petcharat, Vasun; Cherdthong, Anusorn 6474
Effects of sodium diacetate on the fermentation profile, chemical composition and aerobic stability of alfalfa silage. Yuan, XianJun; Wen, AiYou; Desta, Seare T.; Wang, Jian; Shao, Tao 5215
Efficient transgene expression system using a cumate-inducible promoter and Cre-loxP recombination in avian cells. Park, Tae Sub; Kim, Si Won; Lee, Jeong Hyo 3177
Estimation of the net energy requirement for maintenance in broilers. Liu, Wei; Lin, Chang Hua; Wu, Zheng Ke; Liu, Guo Hua; Yan, Hai Jie; Yang, Hua Ming; Cai, Hui Yi 5991
Expression of Egr3 in mouse gonads and its localization and function in oocytes. Shin, Hyejin; Seol, Dong-Won; Nam, Minyeong; Song, Haengseok; Lee, Dong Ryul; Lim, Hyunjung Jade 4240
Farm to abattoir conditions, animal factors and their subsequent effects on cattle behavioural responses and beef quality - a review. Njisane, Yonela Zifikile; Muchenje, Voster 7509
Histone acetyltransferase inhibitors antagonize AMP-activated protein kinase in postmortem glycolysis. Li, Qiong; Li, Zhongwen; Lou, Aihua; Wang, Zhenyu; Zhang, Dequan; Shen, Qingwu W. 5310
Influence of rendering methods on yield and quality of chicken fat recovered from broiler skin. Lin, Liang-Kun; Tan, Fa-Jui 4627
Intake, digestibility, and rumen and metabolic characteristics of cattle fed low-quality tropical forage and supplemented with nitrogen and different levels of starch. Franco, Marcia de Oliveira; Detmann, Edenio; Filho, Sebastiao de Campos Valadares; Batista, Erick Da 5841
Mammary alveolar cell as in vitro evaluation system for casein gene expression involved in glucose level. Heo, Young Tae; Ha, Woo Tae; Lee, Ran; Lee, Won-Young; Jeong, Ha Yeon; Hwang, Kyu Chan; Song, Hyuk 4132
Silage preparation and fermentation quality of natural grasses treated with lactic acid bacteria and cellulase in meadow steppe and typical steppe. Hou, Meiling; Gentu, Ge; Liu, Tingyu; Jia, Yushan; Cai, Yimin 10961
Transcriptome analysis of the livers of ducklings hatched normally and with assistance. Liu, Yali; He, Shishan; Zeng, Tao; Du, Xue; Shen, Junda; Zhao, Ayong; Lu, Lizhi 4564

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