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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (July 1, 2017)

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Accuracy of genomic breeding value prediction for intramuscular fat using different genomic relationship matrices in Hanwoo (Korean cattle). Choi, Taejeong; Lim, Dajeong; Park, Byoungho; Sharma, Aditi; Kim, Jong-Joo; Kim, Sidong; Hwan Lee, S Report 3255
Ascorbic acid increases demethylation in somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos of the pig (Sus scrofa). Zhao, Minghui; Hur, Tai-Young; No, Jingu; Nam, Yoonseok; Kim, Hyeunkyu; Im, Gi-Sun; Lee, Seunghoon Report 3630
Cacao bean husk: an applicable bedding material in dairy freestall barns. Yajima, Akira; Owada, Hisashi; Kobayashi, Suguru; Komatsu, Natsumi; Takehara, Kazuaki; Ito, Maria; M Report 3595
Coat colour phenotype of Qingyu pig is associated with polymorphisms of melanocortin receptor 1 gene. Wu, Xiaoqian; Tan, Zhendong; Shen, Linyuan; Yang, Qiong; Cheng, Xiao; Liao, Kun; Bai, Lin; Shuai, Su Report 3477
Comparative energy content and amino acid digestibility of barley obtained from diverse sources fed to growing pigs. Wang, Hong Liang; a; Shi, Meng; Xu, Xiao; Ma, Xiao Kang; Liu, Ling; Piao, Xiang Shu Report 5681
Determination of the quality of stripe-marked and cracked eggs during storage. Chi Liu, Yu; Hsin Chen, Ter; Chen Wu, Ying; Jui Tan, Fa Report 4099
Development of a new lactic acid bacterial inoculant for fresh rice straw silage. Geun Kim, Jong; Sang Ham, Jun; Wei Li, Yu; Soo Park, Hyung; Huh, Chul-Sung; Park, Byung-Chul Report 4040
Distribution and differential expression of microRNAs in the intestinal mucosal layer of necrotic enteritis induced Fayoumi chickens. Rengaraj, Deivendran; Duc Truong, Anh; Ban, Jihye; Lillehoj, Hyun S.; Ho Hong, Yeong Report 6581
Dose-dependent effects of a microbial phytase on phosphorus digestibility of common feedstuffs in pigs. Almeida, Ferdinando N.; Vazquez-Anon, Mercedes; Escobar, Jeffery Report 6590
Dynamic changes of yak (Bos grunniens) gut microbiota during growth revealed by polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and metagenomics. Nie, Yuanyang; Zhou, Zhiwei; Guan, Jiuqiang; Xia, Baixue; Luo, Xiaolin; Yang, Yang; Fu, Yu; Sun, Qun Report 5241
Effect of dietary calcium concentrations in low non-phytate phosphorus diets containing phytase on growth performance, bone mineralization, litter quality, and footpad dermatitis incidence in growing broiler chickens. Kim, Jong Hyuk; Jung, Hyunjung; Pitargue, Franco Martinez; Han, Gi Ppeum; Choi, Hyeon Seok; Kil, Don Report 4476
Effect of superdosing phytase on productive performance and egg quality in laying hens. Kim, Jong Hyuk; Pitargue, Franco Martinez; Jung, Hyunjung; Han, Gi Ppeum; Choi, Hyeon Seok; Kil, Don Report 3545
Effects of dietary forage-to-concentrate ratio on nutrient digestibility and enteric methane production in growing goats (Capra hircus hircus) and Sika deer (Cervus nippon hortulorum). Na, Youngjun; Hua Li, Dong; Rak Lee, Sang Report 4470
Effects of simultaneous supplementation of laying hens with [alpha]-linolenic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid/docosahexaenoic acid resources on egg quality and n-3 fatty acid profile. Zhang, Pingping; Tang, Chuanqiu; Ding, Zongqing; Huang, Hui; Sun, Yong Report 4586
Effects of zinc bearing palygorskite supplementation on the growth performance, hepatic mineral content, and antioxidant status of broilers at early age. Yang, Weili; Chen, Yueping; Cheng, Yefei; Wen, Chao; Zhou, Yanmin Report 5709
Enrichment and verification of differentially expressed miRNAs in bursa of Fabricius in two breeds of duck. Luo, Jun; Liu, Junying; Liu, Hehe; Zhang, Tao; Wang, Jiwen; He, Hua; Han, Chunchun Report 5754
Estimation of methane emissions from local and crossbreed beef cattle in Daklak province of Vietnam. Alberto Ramirez-Restrepo, Carlos; Van Tien, Dung; Le Duc, Ngoan; Herrero, Mario; Le Dinh, Phung; Din Report 4885
Genetic signature of strong recent positive selection at interleukin-32 gene in goat. Rasool Asif, Akhtar; Qadri, Sumayyah; Ijaz, Nabeel; Javed, Ruheena; Rahman Ansari, Abdur; Awais, Muh Report 5525
Impacts of post-mortem ageing prior to freezing on technological and oxidative properties of coarse ground lamb sausage in a model system. Choe, Juhui; Kim, Hyun-Wook; Farouk, Mustafa M.; Brad Kim, Yuan H. Report 5831
Myotube differentiation in clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat/Cas9-mediated MyoD knockout quail myoblast cells. Won Kim, Si; Hyo Lee, Jeong; Park, Byung-Chul; Sub Park, Tae Report 4233
The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the indigenous I pig (Sus scrofa) in Vietnam. Nguyen, Hieu Duc; Bui, Tuan Anh; Nguyen, Phuong Thanh; Kim, Oanh Thi Phuong; Vo, Thuy Thi Bich Report 4058

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