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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (January 1, 2016)

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AJAS list of reviewers: 2015. 749
Association between single nucleotide polymorphisms of the major histocompatibility complex class II gene and newcastle disease virus titre and body weight in Leung Hang Khao chickens. Molee, A.; Kongroi, K.; Kuadsantia, P.; Poompramun, C.; Likitdecharote, B. Report 5289
Cloning and characterization of an endoglucanase gene from Actinomyces sp. Korean native goat 40. Kim, Sung Chan; Kang, Seung Ha; Choi, Eun Young; Hong, Yeon Hee; Bok, Jin Duck; Kim, Jae Yeong; Lee, Report 4452
Consumer attitudes toward storing and thawing chicken and effects of the common thawing practices on some quality characteristics of frozen chicken. Benli, Hakan Report 7083
Dynamics associated with prolonged ensiling and aerobic deterioration of total mixed ration silage containing whole crop corn. Wang, Huili; Ning, Tingting; Hao, Wei; Zheng, Mingli; Xu, Chuncheng Report 5953
Effect of fat level and the ripening time on quality traits of fermented sausages. Yim, Dong-Gyun; Jang, Kyoung-Hwan; Chung, Ku-Young Report 5511
Effect of fodder tree species with condensed tannin contents on in vitro methane production. Vazquez, Ernestina Gutierrez; Medina, Leonardo Hernandez; Benavides, Liliana Marquez; Caratachea, Au Report 4374
Effect of polysaccharides from Acanthopanax senticosus on intestinal mucosal barrier of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide challenged mice. Han, Jie; Xu, Yunhe; Yang, Di; Yu, Ning; Bai, Zishan; Bian, Lianquan Report 5333
Effects of elevated crude glycerin concentrations on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics in finishing steers. Chanjula, P.; Raungprim, T.; Yimmongkol, S.; Poonko, S.; Majarune, S.; Maitreejet, W. Report 7372
Effects of gestational housing on reproductive performance and behavior of sows with different backfat thickness. Kim, K.H.; Hosseindoust, A.; Ingale, S.L.; Lee, S.H.; Noh, H.S.; Choi, Y.H.; Jeon, S.M.; Kim, Y.H.; Report 5690
Ethanol extracts from mistletoe (Viscum album L.) act as natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agents in uncooked pork patties during refrigerated storage. Kang, Suk-Nam Report 7659
Identification of single nucleotide polymorphism marker and association analysis of marbling score in Fas gene of Hanwoo. Kim, Seung-Chang; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Lee, Ji-Woong; Kim, Tae-Hun; Choi, Bong-Hwan Report 4196
Intestinal alkaline phosphatase: potential roles in promoting gut health in weanling piglets and its modulation by feed additives--a review. Melo, A.D.B.; Silveira, H.; Luciano, F.B.; Andrade, C.; Costa, L.B.; Rostagno, M.H. Report 5134
Monitoring activity for recognition of illness in experimentally infected weaned piglets using received signal strength indication ZigBee-based wireless acceleration sensor. Ahmed, Sonia Tabasum; Mun, Hong-Seok; Islam, Md. Manirul; Yoe, Hyun; Yang, Chul-Ju Report 3872
Nutritional characteristics of forage grown in south of Benin. Musco, Nadia; Koura, Ivan B.; Tudisco, Raffaella; Awadjihe, Ghislain; Adjolohoun, Sebastien; Cutrign Report 8369
Physiological roles of adipokines, hepatokines, and myokines in ruminants. Roh, Sang-Gun; Suzuki, Yutaka; Gotoh, Takafumi; Tatsumi, Ryuichi; Katoh, Kazuo Report 11512
Retraction notice. 156
The differences in chemical composition, physical quality traits and nutritional values of horse meat as affected by various retail cut types. Seong, Pil Nam; Park, Kyoung Mi; Kang, Geun Ho; Cho, Soo Hyun; Park, Beom Young; Chae, Hyun Seok; Va Report 12291
The prediction of the expected current selection coefficient of single nucleotide polymorphism associated with Holstein milk yield, fat and protein contents. Lee, Young-Sup; Shin, Donghyun; Lee, Wonseok; Taye, Mengistie; Cho, Kwanghyun; Park, Kyoung-Do; Kim, Report 4477
Variance component quantitative trait locus analysis for body weight traits in purebred Korean native chicken. Cahyadi, Muhammad; Parka, Hee-Bok; Seo, Dong-Won; Jin, Shil; Choi, Nuri; Heo, Kang-Nyeong; Kang, Bo- Report 5243

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