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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (December 1, 2016)

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Antioxidant, liver protective and angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activities of old laying hen hydrolysate in crab meat analogue. Jin, Sang Keun; Choi, Jung Seok; Choi, Yeung Joon; Lee, Seung-Jae; Lee, Seung Yun; Hur, Sun Jin Report 5141
Assessment of the contribution of poultry and pig production to greenhouse gas emissions in South Korea over the last 10 years (2005 through 2014). Boontiam, Waewaree; Shin, Yongjin; Choi, Hong Lim; Kumari, Priyanka Report 5507
Association of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in RUNX1, DYRK1A, and KCNJ15 with blood related traits in pigs. Lee, Jae-Bong; Yoo, Chae-Kyoung; Park, Hee-Bok; Cho, In-Cheol; Lim, Hyun-Tae Report 4564
Determination of genetic diversity using 15 simple sequence repeats markers in long term selected Japanese quail lines. Karabag, Kemal; Balcioglu, Murat Soner; Karli, Taki; Alkan, Sezai Report 4256
Dietary niacin supplementation suppressed hepatic lipid accumulation in rabbits. Liu, Lei; Li, Chunyan; Fu, Chunyan; Li, Fuchang Report 4063
Different coefficients and exponents for metabolic body weight in a model to estimate individual feed intake for growing-finishing pigs. Lee, S.A.; Kong, C.; Adeola, O.; Kim, B.G. Report 3153
Dynamical expression of microRNA-127-3p in proliferating and differentiating C2C12 cells. Li, Jie; Wang, Gaofu; Jiang, Jing; Zhou, Peng; Liu, Liangjia; Zhao, Jinhong; Wang, Lin; Huang, Yongf Report 3262
Effects of coated compound proteases on apparent total tract digestibility of nutrients and apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids for pigs. Pan, L.; Zhao, P.F.; Yang, Z.Y.; Long, S.F.; Wang, H.L.; Tian, Q.Y.; Xu, Y.T.; Xu, X.; Zhang, Z.H.; Report 5426
Effects of combining feed grade urea and a slow-release urea product on performance, dietary energetics and carcass characteristics of feedlot lambs fed finishing diets with different starch to acid detergent fiber ratios. Estrada-Angulo, A.; Lopez-Sotoi, M.A.; Rivera-Mendezi, C.R.; Castro, B.I.; Rios, F.G.; Davila-Ramos, Report 7061
effects of dietary methionine levels on choline requirements of starter white Pekin ducks. Wen, Z.G.; Tang, J.; Xie, M.; Yang, P.L.; Hou, S.S. Report 3927
Effects of physically effective neutral detergent fiber content on intake, digestibility, and chewing activity in fattening heifer fed total mixed ration. Oha, Mi Rae; Hong, Heeok; Li, Hong Liang; Jeon, Byong Tae; Choi, Cheong Hee; Ding, Yu Ling; Tang, Yu Report 4495
Effects of supplements with different protein contents on nutritional performance of grazing cattle during the rainy season. Figueiras, J.R.; Detmann, E.; Franco, M.O.; Batista, E.D.; Reis, W.L.S.; Paulino, M.F.; Filho, S.C. Report 7282
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of South-East Asian duck populations based on the mtDNA D-loop sequences. Sultana, H.; Seo, D.W.; Choi, M.S.A. BhuiyanS N.R.; Hoque, M.R.; Heo, K.N.; Lee, J.H. Report 5346
Improvement of milk fatty acid composition for production of functional milk by dietary phytoncide oil extracted from discarded pine nut cones (Pinus koraiensis) in Holstein dairy cows. Kim, Min Jeong; Jung, U.Suk; Jeon, Seung Woo; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, Won Seob; Lee, Sang Bum; Kim, Youn Report 5858
Molecular cloning, mRNA expression, and localization of the G-protein subunit Galphaq in sheep testis and Epididymis. Li, Zhen; Lu, Jieli; Sun, Xiaowei; Pang, Quanhai; Zhao, Yiwen Report 3853
Negative Trends in Transport-related Mortality Rates in Broiler Chickens. Vecerek, Vladimir; Voslarova, Eva; Conte, Francesca; Vecerkova, Lenka; Bedanova, Iveta Report 6305
Quality of Meat (Longissimus dorsi) from Male Fallow Deer (Dama dama) Packaged and Stored under Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Conditions. Piaskowska, N.; Daszkiewicz, T.; Kubiak, D.; Zapotoczny, P. Report 8241
Random regression models using legendre polynomials to estimate genetic parameters for test-day milk protein yields in iranian holstein dairy cattle. Naserkheil, Masoumeh; Miraie-Ashtiani, Seyed Reza; Nejati-Javaremi, Ardeshir; Son, Jihyun; Lee, Deuk Report 4389
The nutritive values in different varieties of corn planted in one location fed to growing pigs over three consecutive years. Zhang, L.; Li, Y.K.; Li, Z.C.; U, Q.F.; Li, M.B. Lyu D.F.; Lai, C.H. Report 4832

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