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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (October 1, 2013)

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Association of polymorphism harbored by tumor necrosis factor alpha gene and sex of calf with lactation performance in cattle. Yudin, N.S.; Aitnazarov, R.B.; Voevoda, M.I.; Gerlinskaya, L.A.; Moshkin, M.P. Report 5584
Effect of carcass traits on carcass prices of Holstein steers in Korea. Alam, M.; Cho, K.H.; Lee, S.S.; Choy, Y.H.; Kim, H.S.; Cho, C.I.; Choi, T.J. Report 8257
Effect of FTO expression and polymorphism on fat deposition in Suzhong pigs. Fu, Yanfeng; Li, Lan; Ren, Shouwen Report 5408
Effect of hybridization on carcass traits and meat quality of Erlang mountainous chickens. Yin, H.D.; Gilbert, E.R.; Chen, S.Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, Z.C.; Zhao, X.L.; Zhang, Yao; Zhu, Q. Report 5659
Effects of chitosan on body weight gain, growth hormone and intestinal morphology in weaned pigs. Xu, Yuanqing; Shi, Binlin; Yan, Sumei; Li, Tiyu; Guo, Yiwei; Li, Junliang Report 4521
Effects of cooking end-point temperature and muscle part on sensory 'hardness' and 'chewiness' assessed using scales presented in ISO11036:1994. Sasaki, Keisuke; Motoyama, Michiyo; Narita, Takumi; Chikuni, Koichi Report 3750
Effects of feeding increasing proportions of corn grain on concentration of lipopolysaccharide in the rumen fluid and the subsequent alterations in immune responses in goats. Huo, Wenjie; Zhu, Weiyun; Mao, Shengyong Report 6232
Effects of IFN-[gamma] on IL-18 expression in pregnant rats and pregnancy outcomes. Si, Li-fang; Zhang, Shou-Yan; Gao, Chun-sheng; Chen, Shu-lin; Zhao, Jin; Cheng, Xiang-chao Report 3764
Effects of methylcellulose on fibrolytic bacterial detachment and in vitro degradation of rice straw. Kim, Min Ji; Sung, Ha Guyn; Upadhaya, Santi Devi; Ha, Jong K.; Lee, Sung Sill Report 3882
Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the bovine growth hormone (bGH) gene associated with growth and carcass traits in Hanwoo. Leea, Ji-Hong; Lee, Yun-Mi; Lee, Jea-Young; Oh, Dong-Yep; Jeong, Dae-Jin; Kim, Jong-Joo Report 4406
Influence of dietary supplementation of condensed tannins through leaf meal mixture on intake, nutrient utilization and performance of Haemonchus contortus infected sheep. Pathak, A.K.; Dutta, Narayan; Banerjee, P.S.; Pattanaik, A.K.; Sharma, K. Report 10015
Influence of municipal abattoir conditions and animal-related factors on avoidance-related behaviour, bleeding times at slaughter and the quality of lamb meat. Njisane, Yonela Z.; Muchenje, Voster Report 5301
Neutrophil functions and cytokines expression profile in buffaloes with impending postpartum reproductive disorders. Patra, Manas Kumar; Kumar, Harendra; Nandi, Sukdeb Report 5884
Production of citrate by anaerobic fungi in the presence of co-culture methanogens as revealed by [sup.1]H NMR spectrometry. Cheng, Yan Fen; Jin, Wei; Mao, Sheng Yong; Zhu, Wei-Yun Report 4117
The possibility of TBC1D21 as a candidate gene for teat numbers in pigs. Jin, S.; Lee, J.B.; Kang, K.; Yoo, C.K.; Kim, B.M.; Park, H.B.; Lim, H.T.; Cho, I.C.; Maharani, D.; Report 2505
Using plant source as a buffering agent to manipulating rumen fermentation in an in vitro gas production system. Kang, S.; Wanapat, M. Report 9558
Validation of prediction equations to estimate the energy values of feedstuffs for broilers: performance and carcass yield. Alvarenga, R.R.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Zangeronimo, M.G.; Makiyama, L.; Oliveira, E.C.; Freitas, R.T.F.; Report 9597
Variation and correlation of shearing force with feed nutritional characteristics of wheat straw. Cui, X.M.; Yang, Z.B.; Yang, W.R.; Jiang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.G.; Liu, L.; Wu, B.R.; Wang, Z.F. Report 6647

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