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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (March 22, 2013)

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Association of the porcine cluster of differentiation 4 gene with T lymphocyte subpopulations and its expression in immune tissues. Xu, Jingen; Liu, Yang; Fu, Weixuan; Wang, Jiying; Wang, Wenwen; Wang, Haifei; Liu, Jianfeng; Ding, X Report 5563
Comparative analysis of Nkx2-5/GATA4/TBX5 expression in chicken, quail and chicken-quail hybrids during the early stage of cardiac development in embryos. Bana, Qian; Liu, Xiaojun; Hui, Wenqiao; Chen, Danying; Zhao, Zongsheng; Jia, Bin Report 4226
Development of gut microbiota in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced allergic diarrhea under sub-barrier system. Wang, Juan Hong; Fan, Song Wei; Zhu, Wei Yun Report 3761
Earlier metabolizable energy intake level influences heat production during a following 3-day fast in laying hens. Ning, D.; Guo, Y.M.; Wang, Y.W.; Peng, Y.Z. Report 4765
Effect of carbohydrate sources and levels of cotton seed meal in concentrate on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in young dairy bulls. Wanapat, M.; Anantasook, N.; Rowlinson, P.; Pilajun, R.; Gunun, P. Report 6196
Effect of dipeptides on in vitro maturation, fertilization and subsequent embryonic development of porcine oocytes. Tareq, K.M.A.; Akter, Quzi Sharmin; Tsujii, Hirotada; Khandoker, M.A.M. Yahia; Choi, Inho Report 7965
Effects of branched-chain amino acids on in vitro ruminal fermentation of wheat straw. Zhang, Hui Ling; Chen, Yong; Xu, Xiao Li; Yang, Yu Xia Report 4999
Effects of enzyme treated palm kernel expeller on metabolizable energy, growth performance, villus height and digesta viscosity in broiler chickens. Saenphoom, P.; Liang, J.B.; Ho, Y.W.; Loh, T.C.; Rosfarizan, M. Report 6235
Effects of feeding corn-lablab bean mixture silages on nutrient apparent digestibility and performance of dairy cows. Qu, Yongli; Jiang, Wei; Yin, Guoan; Wei, Chunbo; Bao, Jun Report 6181
Effects of serial passage on the characteristics and chondrogenic differentiation of canine umbilical cord matrix derived mesenchymal stem cells. Lee, K.S.; Cha, S.H.; Kang, H.W.; Song, J.Y.; Lee, K.W.; Ko, K.B.; Lee, H.T. Report 3961
Effects of supplementation of [beta]-mannanase in corn-soybean meal diets on performance and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs. Lv, J.N.; Chen, Y.Q.; Guo, X.J.; Piao, X.S.; Cao, Y.H.; Dong, B. Report 6484
Evaluation of bacteriophage supplementation on growth performance, blood characteristics, relative organ weight, breast muscle characteristics and excreta microbial shedding in broilers. Wang, J.P.; Yan, L.; Lee, J.H.; Kim, I.H. Report 3805
Genetic parameter estimation in seedstock swine population for growth performances. Choi, Jae Gwan; Cho, Chung II; Choi, Im Soo; Lee, Seung Soo; Choi, Tae Jeong; Cho, Kwang Hyun; Park, Report 3042
Immobilization of the Antarctic Bacillus sp. LX-1 [alpha]-Galactosidase on Eudragit L-100 for the production of a functional feed additive. Lee, Jaekoo; Park, Inkyung; Cho, Jaiesoon Report 3114
Ovarian follicular dynamics, ovarian follicular growth, oocyte yield, in vitro embryo production and repeated oocyte pick up in Thai native heifers undergoing Superstimulation. Chasombat, J.; Nagai, T.; Parnpai, R.; Vongpralub, T. Report 10768
Polymorphism of NLRP3 gene and association with susceptibility to digestive disorders in rabbit. Yang, Yu; Zhang, Gong-Wei; Chen, Shi-Yi; Peng, Jin; Lai, Song-Jia Report 5131
Polymorphisms in the promoter region of the Chinese bovine PPARGC1A gene. Li, M.J.; Liu, M.; Liu, D.; Lan, X.Y.; Lei, C.Z.; Yang, D.Y.; Chen, H. Report 2627
Synergistic effects of electron-beam irradiation and leek extract on the quality of pork jerky during ambient storage. Kim, Hyun Joo; Kang, Mingu; Yong, Hae In; Bae, Young Sik; Jung, Samooel; Jo, Cheorun Report 5325
The effect of level of crude protein and available lysine on finishing pig performance, nitrogen balance and nutrient digestibility. Ball, M.E.E.; Magowan, E.; McCracken, K.J.; Beattie, V.E.; Bradford, R.; Gordon, F.J.; Robinson, M.J Report 7982
The effect of plant extracts on in-vitro ruminal fermentation, Methanogenesis and Methane-related microbes in the rumen. Kim, E.T.; Min, K.S.; Kim, C.H.; Moon, Y.H.; Kim, S.C.; Lee, S.S. Report 4011

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