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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (June 1, 2013)

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A SNP harvester analysis to better detect SNPs of CCDC158 gene that are associated with carcass quality traits in Hanwoo. Lee, Jea-Young; Lee, Jong-Hyeong; Yeo, Jung-Sou; Kim, Jong-Joo Report 3341
Changes in blood constituents of rabbits subjected to transportation under hot, humid tropical conditions. Nakyinsige, K.; Sazili, A.Q.; Aghwan, Z.A.; Zulkifli, I.; Goh, Y.M.; Fatimah, A.B. Report 3633
Comparison of [alpha]1-antitrypsin, [alpha]1-acid glycoprotein, fibrinogen and NOx as indicator of subclinical mastitis in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Guha, Anirban; Guha, Ruby; Gera, Sandeep Report 5539
Effect of [gamma]-aminobutyric acid (GABA) producing bacteria on in vitro rumen fermentation, biogenic amine production and anti-oxidation using corn meal as substrate. Ku, Bum Seung; Mamuad, Lovelia L.; Kim, Seon-Ho; Jeong, Chang Dae; Soriano, Alvin P.; Lee, Ho-Il; Na Report 8017
Effect of cattle breeds on milk composition and technological characteristics in China. Yang, T.X.; Li, H.; Wang, F.; Liu, X.L.; Li, Q.Y. Report 4707
Effect of plants containing secondary compounds with palm oil on feed intake, digestibility, microbial protein synthesis and microbial population in dairy cows. Anantasook, N.; Wanapat, M.; Cherdthong, A.; Gunun, P. Report 5362
Effects of feeding levels of starter on weaning age, performance, nutrient digestibility and health parameters in Holstein dairy calves. Nejad, J. Ghassemi; Hosseindoust, A.; Shoae, A.; Ghorbani, B.; Lee, B.H.; Oskoueian, E.; Hajilari, D Report 3151
Effects of short-term feeding magnesium before slaughter on blood metabolites and postmortem muscle traits of halothane-carrier pigs. Chen, Jing; Liu, XianJun; Bian, LianQuan Report 4911
Genetic polymorphisms of the bovine NOV gene are significantly associated with carcass traits in Korean cattle. Kim, B.S.; Kim, S.C.; Park, C.M.; Lee, S.H.; Cho, S.H.; Kim, N.K.; Jang, G.W.; Yoon, D.H.; Yang, B.S Report 4776
Growth performance of lambs fed diet supplemented with rice bran oil as such or as calcium soap. Bhatt, R.S.; Karim, S.A.; Sahoo, A.; Shinde, A.K. Report 6028
Growth performance, carcass characteristics and plasma mineral chemistry as affected by dietary chloride and chloride salts fed to broiler chickens reared under phase feeding system. Mushtaq, M.M.H.; Pasha, T.N.; Akram, M.; Mushtaq, T.; Parvin, R.; Choi, H.C.; Hwangbo, J.; Kim, J.H. Report 9098
Guava (Psidium guajava L.) powder as an antioxidant dietary fibre in sheep meat nuggets. Verma, Arun K.; Rajkumar, V.; Banerjee, Rituparna; Biswas, S.; Das, Arun K. Report 7133
Inbreeding and genetic diversity in three imported swine breeds in China using pedigree data. Tang, G.Q.; Xue, J.; Lian, M.J.; Yang, R.F.; Liu, T.F.; Zeng, Z.Y.; Jiang, A.A.; Jiang, Y.Z.; Zhu, L Report 6140
Linkage disequilibrium estimation of Chinese beef Simmental cattle using high-density SNP panels. Zhu, M.; Zhu, B.; Wang, Y.H.; Wu, Y.; Xu, L.; Guo, L.P.; Yuan, Z.R.; Zhang, L.P.; Gao, X.; Gao, H.J. Report 5557
Nitrogen-corrected true metabolizable energy and amino acid digestibility of Chinese corn distillers dried grains with solubles in adult cecectomized roosters. Li, F.; Liu, Y.; Yin, R.Q.; Yang, X.J.; Yao, J.H.; Sun, F.F.; Li, G.J.; Liu, Y.R.; Sun, Y.J. Report 4843
Regulation of interferon-stimulated gene (ISG)12, ISG15, and MX1 and MX2 by conceptus interferons (IFNTs) in bovine uterine epithelial cells. Kim, Min-Su; Min, Kwan-Sik; Imakawa, Kazuhiko Report 3568
Saccharomyces cerevisiae live cells decreased in vitro methane production in intestinal content of pigs. Gong, Y.L.; Liao, X.D.; Liang, J.B.; Jahromi, M.F.; Wang, H.; Cao, Z.; Wu, Y.B. Report 5729
The effects of Rhodobacter capsulatus KCTC-2583 on cholesterol metabolism, egg production and quality parameters during the late laying periods in hens. Lokhande, Anushka; Ingale, S.L.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, J.S.; Lohakare, J.D.; Chae, B.J.; Kwon, I.K. Report 5558
Validation and recommendation of methods to measure biogas production potential of animal manure. Pham, C.H.; Triolo, J.M.; Cu, T.T.T.; Pedersen, L.; Sommer, S.G. Report 6952

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