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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (July 1, 2013)

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Automatic detection of cow's oestrus in audio surveillance system. Chung, Y.; Lee, J.; Oh, S.; Park, D.; Chang, H.H.; Kim, S. Report 4917
Comparison and correlation analysis of different swine breeds meat quality. Li, Y.X.; Cabling, M.M.; Kang, H.S.; Kim, T.S.; Yeom, S.C.; Sohn, Y.G.; Kim, S.H.; Nam, K.C.; Seo, K Report 4658
Comparison of live performance and meat quality parameter of cross bred (Korean native black pig and landrace) pigs with different coat colors. Hur, S.J.; Jeong, T.C.; Kim, G.D.; Jeong, J.Y.; Cho, I.C.; Lim, H.T.; Kim, B.W.; Joo, S.T. Report 5926
Comparison of quality traits of meat from Korean native chickens and broilers used in two different traditional Korean cuisines. Jayasena, Dinesh D.; Jung, Samooel; Kim, Hyun Joo; Bae, Young Sik; Yong, Hae In; Lee, Jun Heon; Kim, Report 7713
Development of appropriate fibrolytic enzyme combination for maize stover and its effect on rumen fermentation in sheep. Bhasker, T. Vijay; Nagalakshmi, D.; Rao, D. Srinivasa Report 5142
Development of genetic markers for triploid verification of the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas. Kang, Jung-Ha; Lim, Hyun Jeong; Kang, Hyun-Soek; Lee, Jung-Mee; Baby, Sumy; Kim, Jong-Joo Report 3122
Effect of carbohydrate source and cottonseed meal level in the concentrate on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in swamp buffaloes. Wanapat, M.; Pilajun, R.; Polyorach, S.; Cherdthong, A.; Khejornsart, P.; Rowlinson, P. Report 6368
Effect of conjugated linoleic acid feeding on the growth performance and meat fatty acid profiles in broiler: meta-analysis. Cho, Sangbuem; Ryu, Chaehwa; Yang, Jinho; Mbiriri, David Tinotenda; Choi, Chang-Weon; Chae, Jung-Il; Report 5093
Effects of CSN1S2 genotypes on economic traits in Chinese dairy goats. Yue, X.P.; Fang, Q.; Zhang, X.; Mao, C.C.; Lan, X.Y.; Chen, H.; Lei, C.Z. Report 2910
Effects of dietary chromium methionine on growth performance, carcass composition, meat colour and expression of the colour-related gene myoglobin of growing-finishing pigs. Li, Y.S.; Zhu, N.H.; Niu, P.P.; Shi, F.X.; Hughes, C.L.; Tian, G.X.; Huang, R.H. Report 7159
Effects of dietary lysine levels on apparent nutrient digestibility and serum amino acid absorption mode in growing pigs. Zeng, P.L.; Yan, H.C.; Wang, X.Q.; Zhang, C.M.; Zhu, C.; Shu, G.; Jiang, Q.Y. Report 7093
Effects of dietary thiazolidinedione supplementation on growth performance, intramuscular fat and related genes mRNA abundance in the longissimus dorsi muscle of finishing pigs. Chen, X.; Feng, Y.; Yang, W.J.; Shu, G.; Jiang, Q.Y.; Wang, X.Q. Report 6896
Evaluation of coarsely ground wheat as a replacement for ground corn in the diets of lactating dairy cows. Guoa, Y.Q.; Zoua, Y.; Cao, Z.J.; Xu, X.F.; Yang, Z.S.; Li, S.L. Report 7313
Gene expression profiling in the pituitary gland of laying period and ceased period Huoyan geese. Luan, Xinhong; Cao, Zhongzan; Xu, Wen; Gao, Ming; Wang, Laiyou; Zhang, Shuwei Report 6256
Intestinal development and function of broiler chickens on diets supplemented with clinoptilolite. Wu, Q.J.; Zhou, Y.M.; Wu, Y.N.; Wang, T. Report 5356
Maternal effects of Japanese shorthorn cows on the growth of embryo-transferred Japanese black calves in a cow-calf grazing system. Yamaguchi, Manabu; Ikeda, Kentaro; Takenouchi, Naoki; Higashiyama, Masakazu; Watanabe, Akira Report 2569
Nutrient digestibility and metabolizable energy content of mucuna pruriens whole pods fed to growing pelibuey lambs. Loyra-Tzab, Enrique; Sarmiento-Franco, Luis Armando; Sandoval-Castro, Carlos Alfredo; Santos-Ricalde Report 4209
The effects of thyme and cinnamon essential oils on performance, rumen fermentation and blood metabolites in Holstein calves consuming high concentrate diet. Vakili, A.R.; Khorrami, B.; Mesgaran, M. Danesh; Parand, E. Report 8051
Use of dried stoned olive pomace in the feeding of lactating buffaloes: effect on the quantity and quality of the milk produced. Terramoccia, S.; Bartocci, S.; Taticchi, A.; Giovanni, S. Di; Pauselli, M.; Mourvaki, E.; Urbani, S. Report 7833

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