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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (September 28, 2011)

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Behavioral characteristics of Bos indicus cattle after a superovulatory treatment compared to cows synchronized for estrus. Jimenez, A.; Bautista, F.; Galina, C.S.; Romero, J.J.; Rubio, I. Report 3234
Detection of the SRY transcript and protein in bovine ejaculated spermatozoa. Li, Chunjin; Sun, Yongfeng; Yi, Kangle; Li, Chengjiao; Zhu, Xiaoling; Chen, Lu; Zhou, Xu 3816
Dietary vitamin E influences the levels of nitric oxide and cytokines in broiler chickens. Xu, Jian-xiong; Chen, Xiao-lian; Wang, Jing; Wang, Tian Report 5523
Effects of creep feed with varied energy density diets on litter performance. Yan, L.; Jang, H.D.; Kim, I.H. Report 3827
Effects of dietary protein and threonine supply on in vitro liver threonine dehydrogenase activity and threonine efficiency in rat and chicken. Lee, C.W.; Oh, Y.J.; Son, Y.S.; An, W.G. Report 6252
Effects of fermented potato pulp on performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass traits and plasma parameters of growing-finishing pigs. Li, P.F.; Xue, L.F.; Zhang, R.F.; Piao, X.S.; Zeng, Z.K.; Zhan, J.S. Report 5681
Effects of supplemental fermented agro by-products diet on the growth performances, blood characteristics and carcass traits in fattening pigs. Chu, Gyo Moon; Yang, Bo Seok; Kim, Hoi Yun; Kim, Jong Hyun; Ha, Ji Hee; Kim, Chung Hui; Lee, Sung Da Report 6886
Estimation of genetic parameters for wool traits in Angora rabbit. Niranjan, S.K.; Sharma, S.R.; Gowane, G.R. Report 4812
Growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality of slower-growing and fast-growing chickens raised with and without outdoor access. Mikulski, Dariusz; Celej, Joanna; Jankowski, Jan; Majewska, Teresa; Mikulska, Marzena Report 7743
Influence of dietary phytoadditive as polyherbal combination on performance of does and respective litters in cross bred dairy goats. Mirzaei, F.; Prasad, S. Report 4681
Influence of energy level and glycine supplementation on performance, nutrient digestibility and egg quality in laying hens. Han, Yung-Keun; Thacker, Philip A. Report 6590
Mapping of quantitative trait loci affecting growth traits in a Japanese native chicken cross. Rikimaru, K.; Sasaki, O.; Koizumi, N.; Komatsu, M.; Suzuki, K.; Takahashi, H. Report 3660
Meat quality of lambs fed on palm kernel meal, a by-product of biodiesel production. Ribeiro, R.D.X.; Oliveira, R.L.; Macome, F.M.; Bagaldo, A.R.; Silva, M.C.A.; Ribeiro, C.V.D.M.; Carv Report 6022
Quantified analyses of musk deer farming in China: a tool for sustainable musk production and ex situ conservation. Meng, Xiuxiang; Gong, Baocao; Ma, Guang; Xiang, Leilei Report 6059
Relation of calcium activity in milk and milk production of Holstein cows in hot season. Tanaka, Masahito; Suzuki, Tomoyuki; Kotb, Saber; Kamiya, Yuko Report 3164
Relationships between methionine supply, nitrogen retention and plasma insulin-like growth factor-I in growing sheep nourished by total intragastric infusions. Li, Chong; Zhao, Guangyong Report 4590
Study on suitable semen additives incorporation into the extender stored at refrigerated temperature. Bhakat, M.; Mohanty, T.K.; Raina, V.S.; Gupta, A.K.; Pankaj, P.K.; Mahapatra, R.K.; Sarkar, M. Report 7881
The effects of raw and physical processed common vetch seed (Vicia sativa) on laying performance, egg quality, metabolic parameters and liver histopatology of laying hens. Kaya, H.; Celebi, S.; Macit, M.; Geyikoglu, F. Report 5840
The nutritive value of live yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and its effect on milk yield, milk composition and some blood parameters of dairy cows. Yalcin, Sakine; Yalcin, Suzan; Can, Pinar; Gurdal, Arif O.; Bagci, Cemalettin; Eltan, Onder Report 7507

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